8 Amazing Remedies To Remove Wrinkles

Remove Wrinkles

Remove Wrinkles An agonizing problem faced by a lot of folks around the world, wrinkles surely not a pleasant sight to behold. Wrinkles spoil a person’s features and leave them looking far older than their years. The primary reason for wrinkles is that they are caused when the skin loses its elasticity, becoming rather dry and thin, thereby forming permanent lines across the skin. Mostly, one may find wrinkles on the facial area due to the fact that people emote primarily by facial expressions.

Age is an essential determining factor in the case of wrinkles; the older you get, the more wrinkles you are likely to get. The amount of wrinkles also depends a whole lot on your skin texture and type. The drier your skin is, the more prone you are to getting wrinkles. Factors such as smoking, improper diet and sleeping patterns, prolonged exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun, long working hours and much more, also contribute to an increase in the occurrence of wrinkles.

Cosmetic methods to rid the skin of wrinkles involve Botox and treatments that involve removing the topmost skin layer so as to eliminate wrinkles. But these are rather painstaking procedures and are costly as well, particularly for the common man. Wrinkles are certainly an upsetting thing to find on ones face, but there is hope. A variety of simple home remedies can help you keep wrinkles at bay, ensuring that your skin stays supple and youthful.


The key to keeping your skin youthful, is to keep it hydrated. The most natural way to do that is by a regular intake of sufficient, clean drinking water. Keep sipping on filtered water all through the day, the quantity depending on how active a lifestyle you lead. The average person should consume approximately two litres of water each day (the quantity increases with an increase in activity). Keeping your skin hydrated ensures the minimizing of wrinkle woes. Hydrated skin does not easily settle into deep permanent lines, as it is flexible.

Papaya Pulp

Being a natural exfoliating substance, papaya helps to keep your skin clean and supple by removing dead skin cells, which can later be rinsed off with water. The Papain present in papaya helps to penetrate through and discard the outer dull skin layer. The ideal way to make use of this remedy is to grind papaya to a smooth pulp and then apply it to the skin, gently massaging it as you go along. Leave this on for half an hour, just as you would for any facial and rinse it off with clean water after that. You will find your skin looking much more youthful and glowing. Additionally, papaya should also be eaten for further skin-clarifying results.

Fruit Pulp Packs

Besides papayas, there are also other fruits that are helpful in preventing or reducing the occurrence and number of wrinkles. Apples, pineapples and grapes are some useful skin-friendly fruits that come to your aid when you wage war against wrinkles. They can be used separately or in combination, as a face pack.

Remedies To Remove Wrinkles

Grind to a paste and apply to the skin, accompanied by gentle massaging movements. Leave to soak into the skin. Wash this off, after twenty to thirty minutes, to reveal softer, clearer skin.


Honey serves as an excellent, natural toner, devoid of any side-effects. Cleanse your face and follow this up with a gentle massaging of honey into your skin. After the massage, leave it on for a while to enable more effective absorption. Follow up with a water rinse, to have taut, younger-looking skin, naturally.

Aloe Vera

Being a powerful astringent and antiseptic, aloe has a never-ending list of benefits when it comes to skin care in particular. Effective in clarifying the skin and ridding it of eruptions and breakouts, the benefits of honey also extend to warding off wrinkles. The good thing about Aloe Vera is that it can be used regularly without any fear of harmful side-effects, unlike other off-the-shelf products. Those wanting to use this treatment can do so by buying bottled Aloe Vera gel or alternatively, by growing a plant at home and extracting the gel from the fresh leaves whenever needed.

Olive Oil

Incorporating olive oil in your diet and cooking has been proved to be a rather healthy habit, due to the fact that olive oil scores very highly among health experts across the world. The antioxidants in olive oil provide a host of benefits to people, one of them also being that it keeps the skin tight and firm in its texture, thus averting the problem of wrinkles. Olive oil can also be used as part of a face pack for wrinkles or as a massaging oil to be used individually on the skin surface. Either way, it helps a great deal to eliminate the occurrence and possibility of the menace of wrinkles.

Egg Whites

An egg white pack has been an age-old remedy for preserving the skin’s youth. The nutrients contained in egg whites help to nourish and firm up the sagging skin, thus keeping it from unsightly wrinkling. Gently rub the whipped egg white into the affected skin areas and leave on for a while. Wash off when the pack tightens on your skin after drying. Regular usage of this pack will ensure that your skin retains its youthful glow and radiance.

Fresh Cream

Fresh cream can be smoothed and applied to the face or can also be used with a pinch of turmeric powder and some gram flour. This pack is highly beneficial to the skin, keeping it wrinkle-free and also removing any blemishes or sunburn as well.

The key to keeping your skin free from wrinkles is to make sure that it is well nourished and hydrated. One must make sure to stay away from bad habits to prevent an adverse effect on the skin. Follow the remedies given above, depending on what suits your skin best, and you will have healthy, youthful skin that you can flaunt.

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