8 Amazing Benefits Of Laughter Therapy For Our Health

Benefits Of Laughter Therapy For Our Health

All of us want to be happy and healthy; but in today’s fast paced world, most people are stressed out, depressed due to work pressure, personal challenges and getting less sleep. The stressful lifestyle is making them more negative and pushing them towards a feeling of isolation. Laughter therapy, a form of yoga, is an excellent way to cope with this stressful lifestyle. Laughter therapy or laughter yoga helps to reduce stress, by providing a full-scale workout for toning the muscles by releasing stress busting endorphins. Laughter therapy is really a simple yet profound and revolutionary exercise routine that can be called a complete well being workout and is becoming popular day by day and is practiced by millions of people across the world.

The Right Way to Administer Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy can benefit both men and women of any age, cast or creed. It can elevate people’s mood, especially who are stressed out. Laughter therapy classes are generally led by a laughter leader who controls the laughter session and gives command. Mostly sessions are held outdoors in natural surroundings. The leader initiates and ends laughter exercises. It creates a playful and light atmosphere.. Laughter therapy classes are mainly comprised of 4 sessions:

Warming Up Session

First of all, participants start clapping in a rhythm. This helps to warm up and also assists finger-to-finger and palm-to-palm contact which stimulates the acupressure points in the hands and increases the energy level. Group members keep moving and try to establish eye contact with each other. Clapping in rhythm not only increases the energy level but also brings synchronization among the group members. Group member move their hands up and down or swing from side to side.

Warming Up Session

Deep Breathing Exercise

Laughter exercises are intermixed with deep breathing exercises to clear the lungs and help participants relax physically and mentally.

Deep breathing

Laughter Session

Along with these simple movements of legs and hands a simple chanting like ha-ha-ha or ho-ho-ho is added. This child-like playfulness boosts the feeling of happiness and joy and helps to build up positive energy among participants.

Laughter Session

Laughter Exercises

Some groups incorporate light yoga-based physical exercises to increase mobility like stretching, simple aerobic exercises like running and jumping. Others perform playful exercises to reduce the shyness among participants. The main purpose is to increase the energy level and positive feeling among participants.

Laughter Exercises

Laughter Therapy Benefits

Laughter is an excellent medicine for your well being. Today more and more people are joining laughter clubs because it has been revealed that many people suffering from stress related disease have been benefited by practicing this therapy. Besides increasing positivity, laughter therapy provides many more benefits. They are:

Strengthens The Immune System

Immune system plays a crucial role to fight infections, allergies, other illness and disease. Negative emotions like anger, anxiety and depression makes your immune system weak. Studies show that laughter can increase the antibodies which protect our body from virus, bacteria and other microorganism. It has been noticed that those who practice laughter therapy have experienced significant decrease in common cold, flu, chest infection and sore throat.

Improved Immune System

Best Aerobic Exercise For Health And Well Being

Laughter provides a general sense of health and well being. Just 15 minutes of laughter exercise can help you feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. The reason behind this is that every time you laugh, you inhale more oxygen. The combination of deep breathing exercise and laughter exercise oxygenates the blood and the brain. Just one minute of laughter can help you derive the same benefit as doing aerobic exercises. And the best part is that anyone can take part in laughter exercise, even those who do not exercise regularly and those confined to wheel chair. The act of laughter enhances the blood flow to each organ by expanding the blood vessels and increases the energy level of those who participate in it. Laughter tones the muscles, improves breathing and you get the benefit of aerobic exercise and feel healthy and energetic. The body and mind relaxes and stress and tension is reduced.

Best Aerobic Exercise For Health And Well Being

Helps To Reduce Stress

A good bout of laughter releases endorphins and reduces level of stress hormones. It is the most economical and dynamic way to de-stress oneself. Laughing does not require any conscious thought process and all our senses act effortlessly in harmony to provide joy and relaxation to our body and mind.

Swimming Is A Great Stress Buster

Fights Depression

The fast paced life of this modern age has increased stress and strain on people’s lives. Mind related disease like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and nervous breakdowns are taking a toll on mental and physical health of people. Laughter therapy can help them to cope with these problems.


Benefits People With High Blood Pressure And Heart Disease

Stress is one of the major causes for high blood pressure. Laughter therapy can help to lower blood pressure by releasing stress hormones. We know that laughter improves blood circulation and supplies oxygen to the heart muscle. With increase flow of blood, the risk of forming clots also reduces. So, those suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases can benefit by practicing laughter therapy.

High Blood Pressure

Acts As Natural Pain Killer

Laughter helps to enhance the levels of endorphins in human body, which act as natural pain killer and reduces pain. So, people suffering from muscular spasms, joint pain, and spondylitis can benefit from practicing laughter yoga. Laughter exercise will help to reduce the intensity of pain.

Relieves Muscle Tension

Beneficial For Bronchitis And Asthma Patients

Laughter therapy can help to cope with respiratory ailment like asthma or bronchitis because laughter enhances the oxygen level in the blood and improves lung capacity.

Reducing The Risk Of Asthma

Makes You Look Younger

Laughter therapy helps to tone up the facial muscles by increasing blood flow in them, which in turn nourishes the facial skin and brings glow to it. Naturally you look younger.

Makes You Look Younger

Concept of laughter therapy is proven scientifically. It says that our body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. So our body gets same psychological and physiological benefits through practicing this therapy. Laughter therapy provides hope and optimism to deal with difficult situations.