7 Ways To Strengthen The Immunity Of Toddler

Ways To Strengthen The Immunity Of Toddler

Do you know what does the term ‘toddler’ mean? It means – to toddle; i.e. to walk shakily and unsteadily. Indeed in this age group your kid is learning new things, his body and brain both are developing. During this phase the child develops physically, socially and mentally. Learning new words, identifying people, trying to walk; it’s a very crucial phase of your child’s life. Kids of this age group are just so active and so they constantly need bursts of energy. It is also important to boost their immune system as toddlers are prone to developing infections. Immune system is nothing but body’s ability to protect itself from germs, viruses, infections etc. and stay strong and healthy.

Following are seven simple ways of boosting your toddler’s immunity.

Breast Feeding

Mother’s milk contains certain antibodies and white blood cells that boosts the kid’s immunity and keeps him resistant against number of diseases. On an average it is advisable to breast feed the baby for a year after birth. If this is not feasible for working mothers, a minimum of 4 months breast feeding is essential; and must be continued as and when possible.


Food And Nutrition

Diet plays a vital role in immunity building. It is advisable to give the child a wholesome meal which includes lots of fruits and veggies. It is better to go the organic way. The essential nutrients that must be present in the kid’s diet are iron, vitamins, zinc, phyto-nutrients etc. A balanced diet is the key to boosting your kid’s immunity. Along with fruits and vegetables; eggs, lean meat and fish must also be given in small quantities as they fulfil the nutrition requirements completely.

Food And Nutrition


Probiotics work by maintaining the gut’s natural flora of your kid. These are essential microbes which help in protecting the body against harmful bacteria, thus contributing to body’s immune power. It is completely safe to give your kid a daily supply of probiotic. Curd is a very good example of probiotic food. Some of the other examples of foods that naturally act as probiotics are bananas, onion, garlic, whole wheat etc.


Stop Over Usage Of Antibiotics

In today’s time parents have become extra paranoid about their child’s health and for this reason they go an extra way; take an additional step as a preventive measure. Even in cases of cough or mild cold, fever they tend to start with antibiotics which is not the right approach. However, this approach doesn’t work in every case. Such a practice makes body resistant to low doses of antibiotics and higher doses are required in future to cure even minor infections. Other than this the overuse of antibiotics also kills the body’s natural flora which might cause diarrhoea, stomach infections, vomiting, food poisoning etc. Hence you should use antibiotics for your kid only when needed and under strict advice of a paediatrician.

Antibiotic medicines

Sleep Pattern

In toddlers, during this age interval i.e. 1- 3 years your kid requires a minimum of 12 hours of sleep. If your kid is sleeping less, it makes his body stressed out thereby making it less immune and more susceptible to developing infections. A Make an attempt to minimise distractions for your kid while he is sleeping; a sound sleep will benefit more.

Sleeping pattern

Active Lifestyle

Kids now-a-days are more inclined towards gaming and cell phones and television than spending time outside playing. This gradually leads them to a sedentary lifestyle which is responsible for number of childhood disorders. Obesity is on alarming rise in kids now-a-days. This restricts their physical activity which reduces immunity and affects growth of the child. You should plan your kid’s day in such a way that you do not ignore exercise and physical activity.

Active Lifestyle

Avoid Passive Smoking

It is seen in studies that tobacco smoke contains more than 3000 toxins which are responsible for number of health concerns. Make sure you or your partner quit smoking or do not initiate at all; minimise your child’s exposure to passive tobacco smoke as much as possible. Passive smoking is equally harmful as active smoking and gravely reduces your child’s immunity.

Passive smoking

These tips will certainly help in boosting your child’s immunity. Along with these, stay close to nature. Try and engage your kids in activities; encourage them to take up sports. Teach them the importance of staying healthy and physically fit. Plan weekend getaways; take them for a trek, involve them in activities like cycling, swimming, running etc. The more your incline towards a natural active lifestyle; stronger will be your and your family’s immunity.