7 Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke In Summers

Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke In Summers

Summers are here with a blast and so is the sun….It is impossible to avoid sun rays during the season. These rays are even more dominating in the morning when sun just shines above the head. Many people especially those involved in outdoor activities fall prey to the harsh effects of these rays. Each year reports of heat stroke or heat exhaustion are heard from different parts of the country, the main reason behind this are rise in temperature which makes you lethargic and dehydration of body. So medically what is heat stroke? It is a change in body attributes especially body temperature. Heat stroke may lead to damage of internal sensitive organs including parts of nervous system but with some precautions one can control the outburst. No, that doesn’t mean to just lay back indoors on weekends……
Indications that sun has caught hold of you. Excessive sweating with dry red face, Lethargic feeling, Vomiting or dizziness, Problem in breathing.

Here Are Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke In Summers

Avoid Getting Too Exhausted

Don’t tire yourself to the level of exhaustion. Over indulgence in sun that too with physical activities may lead to fainting, vomiting and on a serious note to brain damage. Try to be indoors as much as possible.

Avoid Getting Too Exhausted

Keep On Hydrating Your Body

Water does miracles to beat the heat. Whenever you step out do carry a bottle of mineral water, if possible boiled water. Don’t wait to get thirsty, drink lots of liquid including fresh juice or lime after small intervals. This not only hydrates your body but provide ample minerals to charge the body. Avoid drinking water from roadside taps or vendors especially during summers to avoid getting infected by water borne diseases.


Dress Right

Black is a good absorber of heat so avoid black or even dark coloured clothes while stepping out in sun. Try to wear light coloured clothes which aerate your body and absorb minimal heat. Rather than wearing body hugging tight clothes, go for a bit loose one for free breathing. Carry an umbrella or a hat to avoid direct exposure over head.

Jumper dress

Eat Right In Small Portions

Take small meals in between in small quantity to maintain stamina. Avoid protein rich or similar heat generating food instead take lots of salads, cucumber that contains a good amount of water in it.

Divide Your Meals

Avoid Getting Someone Inside A Parked Car

Heat related issues are of more serious concern among children and aged. Give special attention to their needs. In a closed car at the parking, temperature inside may rise very fast, so it is not at all safe to keep a person inside for too long hours.

Avoid Getting Someone Inside A Parked Car

Take Proper Precautions

Sunlight not only decreases stamina but at times cause irritation and burns if one has a sensitive skin. Whenever you go out, apply a good quality sunscreen lotion with proper SPF quotient on your face, hands and other exposed areas. This will provide a shield so taht if also sunrays reaches you, it won’t cause much damage.

proper protection

Consult Doctor For Immediate Medications

Prevention though is very important but if somehow you get tangled in the sun, do consult a nearby doctor for appropriate treatment. Take the medicines on time as per prescription to tackle the problem as soon as possible.

Consult A Doctor