7 Ways To Comfort A Sick Baby

7 Ways To Comfort A Sick Baby
Comforting a sick baby
can be a huge challenge for parents. First time parents find it especially difficult to handle and comfort a sick infant. Parents become very confused when their child cries incessantly, because they are unable to determine whether the child is crying because he/she is hungry or if the child is in some kind of pain.

A great deal of patience is required on the parent’s part to comfort a sick infant. Along with enormous patience and constant care, a good dollop of love can help your sick baby recover quickly. Given below are some simple tips to comfort a sick baby.

Give the Baby A Warm Water Bath

One of the best ways to soothe and comfort a sick baby is to give the infant a warm water bath. The soothing nature of warm water can provide instant relief from whatever discomfort the child may be suffering. If your infant is suffering from fever, bathing him/her in lukewarm water can actually help to bring down the body temperature. Warm water can help to pacify a sick child and gently lull him/her to sleep.

Warm Water Bath

Play Soft Soothing Music

Another way to quieten a sick child is to play soft, soothing music in the background. Soft music is extremely therapeutic and calms a bawling child in no time. You can either play your baby’s favorite lullaby or some soft instrumental music to relax the infant and put him/her to sleep.

Soft Music

Hold Your Baby Close To Your Chest

If your baby is very sick and restless, hold him/her tightly against your chest. The warmth of your body plus the sense of security an infant experiences when he/ she is placed against your chest can help to calm even the sickest infant. The rhythmic sound of your heart beat can also help in relaxing a sick baby.

Hold Your Baby Close

Turn On the Vacuum Cleaner

This is indeed an unconventional method to calm a sick baby. However, most parents swear by the effectiveness of this technique. The low, whirring sound of the vacuum cleaner has a soothing effect on a sick infant. The comforting drone of the vacuum cleaner can actually help a sick child to fall asleep very quickly and get the much needed rest to recuperate from whatever illness he/she may be suffering from.

Cleaning By Vacuum Cleaner

Sing or Read To Your Baby

Sick children are soothed instantly when they hear their mother’s soft voice. If you have a sick infant on hand, you can either try singing the child’s favorite lullabies or even read a few passages from a baby book. Children feel comforted and secure when they hear their parents voice. So, next time your baby falls ill, try reading or singing to him/her and see how quickly your child calms down.

Sing A Song For Baby

Take the Child for a Car Ride

Another way to soothe a sick baby is to take him/her for a car ride. The constant motion of the car can help to divert the child’s attention. You can even play some soft music on the car radio to pacify your sick baby.

Take the Child for a Car Ride

Swaddle Baby In Warm Clothes

If your baby is suffering from flu, swaddle him /her in warm clothes to make the baby feel comfortable.  Babies who are kept warm are twice as likely to fall asleep faster than an infant who is feeling cold. Remember it is never easy to soothe a sick baby. So both the parents should take equal turns to care for the sick infant.

Swaddle Baby In Warm Clothes