7 Ways Of Handling Your Stubborn Toddler

Ways Of Handling Your Stubborn Toddler

Toddlers are children in their growing age. This is a phase where the child is growing mentally, physically and socially. They start developing a sense of ownership, the feeling that this thing is mine; they starting thinking of themselves as an individual and there are many behavioural changes that you will observe in your toddler during these growth years. If handled with care and thoughtfulness these years will certain develop your kiddo into a good strong human being. However, for this moulding the parents have to go through lot of thick and thin; you will face enormous tantrums; anger pangs, and fights obviously along with other beautiful moments. However, you really need to be very careful while dealing all this; as your child will follow your steps in future. In most of the cases kids follow the footsteps and trail of their parents. These are some ways how you can handle the tantrums thrown by your growing toddler.

Here Are Ways Of Handling Your Stubborn Toddler

Always Keep Healthy Communications

It is always important to lend a listening ear to your child. Also never argue with the child when he is acting stubborn. You can always teach the right thing later. Wait for the right time. Talk to the kid and try to understand why he is throwing tantrums; in this way you can help him with his issues.

Healthy communication with toddler

Maintain Peace At Home

The kind of atmosphere you build in your home matters a lot. If you yourself keep on shouting and cribbing always; your child will do the same. Kids learn and do whatever they see around them. It is of utmost importance to build a healthy atmosphere and make your home a calm cosy place.

Maintain Peace At Home

Encourage ‘Sharing Is Caring’

One of the common reasons for your toddler throwing tantrums is that he is reluctant to share. Things he likes are his property, his ownership is developing and when he has to share those, you know what happens next. Also avoiding this situation and keeping him away from sharing will make your child selfish in future, so even that should be avoided. Teach your kid with examples that sharing is caring; it will give him happiness. You can also take your kid to shelter homes, make him distribute gifts or even distribute his toys to poor children; this will teach him the art of giving.

Sharing Is Caring

Observe Your Child’s Behaviour

Observe the occasions when your child is most stubborn. If you can try and form a pattern between things which your child doesn’t approve, you will be able to understand his behavior. Instead of always disapproving of your child’s acts and making him change things; at times you should try and make things comfortable for him. Take efforts and let him realize that. For example if your kid is reluctant to go to sleep, make an effort and tell him a story or sing a song for him before bed, take efforts from him and surely your kid will stop throwing tantrums.

Observe Your Child’s Behaviour

Health And Stress Level Of The Kid

Many a times if your kid is not healthy not eating well or is feeling tired he is bound to get cranky. Also if he doesn’t eat properly and remains stressed, his energy levels are low; such things lead your toddler into throwing tantrums. These things are easily avoidable. Give your child a balanced diet; read about it on nutrition blogs, you may also consult a dietitian or nutritionist for the same.

Health And Stress Level Of The Kid

Give Responsibility

These are the growth and development years of your child. Whatever you teach him now will stay with forever. Start giving your child small-small tasks to do, some basic responsibilities like keeping their toys in place, eating food on their own etc. These things will make your child responsible gradually and shift his energy from throwing into a more responsible behaviour.

Give responsibility

Keep Yourself Calm During Hard Times

Keep calm

During your child’s growing years, your attitude and your behaviour is most important. If you play your cards carefully, stay calm and composite, your kid will learn the same. Use positive words rather than showing off your negative side; for example you must say ‘Please be friendly with other kids’ or ‘Please share your things with other children’ rather than saying ‘Don’t fight’ ‘don’t scream’ ‘don’t be selfish’. Instead of shouting at him for something, rather keep your mind cool and explain it to him why he should not be doing that specific thing.
Parents are the ultimate support system of a toddler. Just staying aware of small things will help you in dealing with your toddler’s tantrums in a better way. The parent’s behaviour and approach at home are accountable for teaching discipline to your toddler in his growing years. Once he understands that you support him in his things, he will by himself stop throwing tantrums.