7 Topmost Exercises For Children

Swimming for child

Your child should do exercise to stay healthy, fit and fine in the long run. A healthy and nutritious diet is just not enough for your child; he or she needs something more to face day to day challenges.

No doubt, a healthy diet contributes to overall growth and development of your child but exercise have its own importance that cannot be ignored. Exercise keep children active and fresh throughout the day and help burn extra calories.

If you will not inculcate exercise habits in your child then it is possible that he or she may suffer from cholesterol problems, weight problems and high blood pressure in future. So, for the safety of your child, you should encourage him or her to be more physically active.

7 Topmost Exercises For Children


Swimming is a wonderful exercise to start with. You can enroll your child in swimming classes. It will keep your child physically fit.

Swimming for child

Outdoor Activities

When you go for family outings, indulge yourself in playful activities like hiking, jogging, climbing hills etc. This way you will inspire your child to develop interest in such activities.

for child

If he or she fears to participate in these activities then you should help him or her to overcome his or her fear by clearing his or her doubts and misunderstandings.


Cycling is a very good exercise. This exercise will keep your child physically fit.


Children have a passion for dance and it is one of the best exercises for them. By enrolling your child in dancing classes, you are not only making your child physically fit and healthy but also giving him or her an opportunity to develop and enhance his or her dancing skills. He or she will get the chance to learn latest dance moves.

Dancing for child


Wrestling is also good for your child as this form of exercise will help in strengthening his or her muscles and improving muscle flexibility. Your child can exercise in the comfort of his or her home. He or she can either use his or her bed or floor to do this exercise. You can also ask your child’s friends to join him or her. All children will have a blast while doing this exercise.


Walking is the most easy and healthy exercise. You should encourage your child to walk to places close to your home. Walking will keep him or her healthy and fit. Using staircase instead of an elevator is a very good practice. You should encourage your child to use staircase.

Walking for child

If possible, ask your child to do some simple house chores, for example, sweeping floors, keeping house items at their respective places, taking out the garbage etc. This type of work will keep his or her body in good shape and give him or her a chance to learn how to manage his or her house in your absence.


Soccer involves several exercises such as running, twisting and jumping.

Activities for child

You should introduce your child to this game as it will develop his or her physical fitness.