7 Steps To Move From Dating To A Relationship

Dating to a relationship advice

Dating to a relationship advice Dating that special some one can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. You feel that life couldn’t get any better when you are with your current squeeze.

In fact, you enjoy your boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s company so much, that you are raring to take the link from just casual dating to a more serious relationship. You want to show your partner that you want to have a committed relationship with him / her.

So how exactly do you broach this rather delicate subject with your boyfriend / girlfriend? Well like every thing else in life, it may not be an easy process. Before you plan to slowly moot the subject with your lover, you need to sit down and have a good honest chat with yourself. Are you so attached to your boyfriend / girlfriend that you cannot imagine spending time with any one else?

Do you feel the timing is right to discuss this subject with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Finally, do you think your boyfriend / girlfriend harbors the same kind of feelings for you as you do for them? Once you get some clear cut answers for these rather sticky questions, you know the time is ripe to slowly take the relationship with your boyfriend/ girlfriend from casual dating to a committed relationship.

Tips To Move From Dating To A Relationship

Steps To Move from Dating To a Relationship

If you want to see your relationship blossom with your partner you need to invest a good deal of time into your relationship. A good deal of luck, timing and hard work will definitely take your relationship to the next level. Some simple steps to move from casual dating to a committed relationship are listed below.

Communicate With Your Partner

Dating to a relationship

Before you start building imaginary castles in the air, it is important to known your partner’s viewpoint. Like you, is your boyfriend/ girlfriend interested in carrying the relationship forward? If you get the green signal from your boyfriend / girlfriend, have an open discussion with him / her regarding your relationship.

Take A Risk

Life is all about taking calculated risks. Even if you are suffering from severe commitment phobia, you need to take the plunge at some point or the other. If you feel your boyfriend/ girlfriend is one in a million, you have to take a leap of faith, and don’t let this beautiful chance slip away. Remember deciding to be in a serious relationship with a person whom you truly care about and who truly cares about you will definitely reap rich dividends in the future.

Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted

Once your partner has shown a keen interest in taking the relationship forward with you from casual dating to a more steady relationship, it is up to you to keep the spark alive.

Dating to a relationship

The biggest mistake that you can make, is to commit to a steady relationship with your partner and start a dalliance with some one else. This kind of behavior on your part will ensure the sudden demise of your relationship. What’s more, your partner will never forgive you for this kind of wanton discrepancy.

Boost Your Effort

You need to tend the relationship with as much care as you would mold a bit of wet clay. One wrong step and the relationship can develop irreversible cracks. Once that happens it is next to impossible to save the relationship. So step up your effort and don’t take the relationship lightly.

Learn To Make Sacrifices

If you want magic to happen in your relationship learn to make sacrifices. It will be selfish on your part to assume that your boyfriend/ girlfriend will make all the sacrifices for you. That is not the case. To build a rock solid relationship you need to make a lot of sacrifices. Some small sacrifices which you and your boyfriend/ girlfriend may make, can take the relationship to a whole new level.

Let It Happen Naturally

It will take some time for your relationship to shift from just causal dating to something more serious. If you try to move the relationship at break neck speed it will only lead to the untimely demise of the relationship. Slow and steady is the way to ensure a long lasting, committed relationship. So stop being a control freak and allow your relationship to move forward at a leisurely pace.

Grow Up

If you truly want to be in a committed relationship, it’s time you grow up and take a mature stand on things. While you need to set aside some time for your friends remember that spending time with your girlfriend/ boyfriend at this point is more important. Remember only two mature adults can nurture a rock solid relationship.