7 Steps To Get Natural Makeup Looks

An ad rightly puts, when it says, ‘Makeup, which does not look made up’. And it is indeed! Makeup is an art and it should not look made up! The art can be seamlessly blended to look natural.

Natural Makeup

If you consider yourself to be a naïve at makeup artistry, then worry no more. A few steps will help you to master the art, without a hint of fake!

Easy Tips For Natural  Makeup Looks

Cleansing Remains The First Step

This isn’t about routine cleansing, but cleansing or washing your face, to remove all traces of dirt before applying makeup. Use a good moisturizer, which suits your skin type. Moisturizing is the key to get that makeup well blended and not look cakey over the skin!

Cleansing Remains

Start With A Foundation That Matches Your Skin Tone

Using a good quality, water based foundation or cream to powder foundation will be good. These foundations blend in well with the skin, without giving an unnatural look.

Use a foundation, which suits your skin tone and apply it in dots over the face. Now blend in gently, by starting from centre, to moving towards the back. The idea is to contour it well with face or jaw line. For the neck, start with upwards strokes and merge near the jaw line.

Matches Skin Tone

Concealing The Stubborn Spots Comes Next

Use a stick or a brush concealer like Maybelline’s highlighter. This makes the face look brighter and fresher. It camouflages the dark spots or imperfections finely. Use it to hide the dark circles or acne spots. Use it under the eyes and inner corner of the eyes, to highlight the eyes well. A little can be used along the eye brows and the bridge of the nose. Ensure that you use fingertips to gently pat and blend in the concealer.

Concealing The Stubborn Spots

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Blushing is Essential

Blushers add a tinge of natural color to the cheeks. You don’t want to overdo it, so choosing a little light or baby pink will be good for a natural look. Use a light brush, rub it over the blush, gently tap to get rid of the excess and lightly dust the apple of your cheeks. Don’t overdo, just use circular motion to get that slight rosy tint.


Using An Eye Brow Pencil To Shape Those Brows

Use an eye brow pencil and shape those eye brows, before you begin with the eye makeup. This will highlight your eyes in a better way.

Eye Brow Pencil

Line Those Eyes For Brightening Them

Choose black eyeliner and coat a fine line over the edge of your lashes. It should not be thick, but just thin enough to shape your eyes. Using a pencil eyeliner will also do.

Eyes Brightening

Lipstick Should be in Nudes

For a natural look, choosing a nude shade of brown or a very light baby pink, which matches your lip color, will be good. Tap a little foundation on the lips and use a lip liner which is of the same color as the lipstick. Now apply the lipstick and blot excess with a tissue paper. A final touch of gloss helps in adding a tinge of moisture to the lips.

Though the look is quite natural, but it still has a lot of potential to make heads turn. Next time you want to test the theory, try these steps and count the compliments!