7 Simple Home Remedies For Sinus Drainage

Remedies For Sinus Drainage

Every little part of our body is designed to function in favor of our biological system in a certain manner. Whether it is the heart or the hand, each plays a significant role to ensure we as a complete human being are living healthily. Similarly, in case of sinus, we must understand the line where it becomes a problem from a necessity to the immune system.

The sinus cavities have a thin layer of pink mucous membrane that  produce mucous. Mucous helps us to fight bacterial infections or viral ones. On a general basis, our sinuses have a very minimal layer of sinus, while at times when we have a cold or infection, the amount of mucous increases.

However, when a person is suffering from an allergy or from acute sinusitis, an excessive sinus drainage is a possibility and this can be quite a pain, but there are natural home remedies to cure excess sinus drainage, as well as treat sinus problems altogether.

If you feel a dull constant ache in one side of your head, around your neck and cheeks and the nasal cavity area, with a sinus drainage, try out these seven tips to cure yourself of the ailment without the fear of any side effects.

Home Remedies For Sinus Drainage

Nasal Treatment

A nasal treatment is one of the most ancient and scientific ways to help cure sinusitis. It cleanses the nasal tract and relaxes and relieves the blocked sinus cavities. To do this, you will have to buy a Neti Pot from a local chemist’s shop. All you need to do is warm some water, add a little bit of salt to it, so that your nasal tract does not burn when you pull in the water.

Nasal Treatment

Now, fill the Neti Pot with this warm saline water, tilt your head to a side and breathe in the water through the other nose. Do this very slowly and gently. You will feel the water coming out through your other nostril. Repeat the same from the other nostril. Keep repeating for five to six times on each nostril. Immediately after this is done, you might feel a little bit of burning sensation around your throat and nose, but this is absolutely normal. After ten minutes, blow your nose to clear the nasal passage properly. Do this for a week on alternate days and see the difference!

Inhaling Vapor

The trick to ease an excessive sinus drainage is to loosen the mucous so that it comes out properly and eases the nose and throat. A good vapor or steam inhalation will help you do that. Boil some water and add a few drops of menthol oil. Cover your head with a towel or a thick fabric and let the vapor reach your nostrils gently. Ensure that the vapor does not escape. Inhale gently but as long as you can hold. Breathe out long and steady. Continue the process till all the steam has flattened out. Blow your nose properly after ten to fifteen minutes. Do this on alternate days for a week.

Steam Inhalation

Essential Oil Massage

Essential oils work wonders for us in more ways than we know or recognize. A massage around the nasal cavities, the head and the neck, will help you drain out all the excess sinus mucous and make you feel comfortable. To do this, you need to mix 5 drops of menthol oil and five drops of lavender oil to an oz of  heated olive oil.

Hot Oil Massage

Massage this oil around your nose, the temples of your forehead, the ridge between your eyebrows, behind your eyes and on your neck. Massage gently without applying too much pressure at any point, unless you get an acupressure expert. Massage for half an hour and relax. You may follow this up with a hot bath for best results. A massage with these essential oils can be done regularly or whenever wanted or needed. They are good for anytime.

Steam Bath

A steam bath after a massage will almost instantly help you get rid of a sinus drainage. Stay in the steam bath or sauna for as long as you can comfortably endure and follow up with just wiping your self. Do not wash off or stand under the shower. Not only is that unnecessary but also detrimental to the functioning of the steam in favor of your heath. Take a steam bath twice every week, and you will see the difference sooner than you think.

Steam Bath

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Breathing Exercises

There is a branch of Yoga called Pranayama that teaches breathing exercises to ensure a healthy body.  The idea is that the basic unit function  of our system is the breath. So if we can control and breathe properly, we can  also control the functioning of our entire body.

Breathing Exercises

There are some very effective and vital breathing exercises, which when followed can work wonders for any physical ailments. For sinus drainage or sinus headaches, these pranayam exercises are almost magical.

Acupressure And Acupuncture

These ancient Chinese techniques have been known to people all over the globe now, for their amazing results. These work like magic to treat pains and aches. So at times when you are suffering from an excessive sinus drainage and a sinus headache, treat yourself to an acupressure or an acupuncture, but make sure you avail services only from a trained and experienced expert in the field. Once your sinusitis is treated, the drainage and the ancillary problems will diminish soon after.


Increase Fluid Intake

One of the simplest ways to help treat an excessive sinus drainage is by drinking loats of water and increasing the intake of fluids and juices. People who suffer from frequent sinus infections or excessive sinus drainage  must make sure that they drink a lot of water. This will keep their system hydrated and will also help cure the sinusitis. So, do not underestimate the power of the fluid!

Increase The Intake Of Fluids

You must understand, that to treat our ailments, medication is not always the only option. There are easy, harmless and extremely effective home remedies that can make you feel hail and hearty once again! So, next time, your sinus gives you a tough time, try these tips before popping a pill.