7 Shocking Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Side Effects Of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are generally taken when you are suffering from insomnia or are layman’s term when you are not having proper sleep due to stress or any other disruptions. It is always advisable to take sleeping pills under the strict guidance of a doctor. Although there are various prescription sleeping pills available in the market which helps you to treat the sleeping disorder problems, but one avoid having the same. Try some natural or any herbal or ayurvedic techniques to treat insomnia or any other sleeping disorder. One should not get addicted to the same as getting addicted to sleeping pills can pose serious threats to your health. Sleeping pills contain benzodiazepines along with other anti-depressant agents which slow down the central nervous system. Excessive use of sleeping pills can cause liver and kidney damage and can also lead to death.

Here are some serious side effects of sleeping pills which can be life threatening

Cardiovascular Diseases

Excessive use of sleeping pills causes an increased production of adrenaline. Increased content of adrenaline is very much harmful of the person suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Excessive intake of sleeping pills causes irregular heart beat and also lowers the potassium level in the body.

It Increases Cardiovascular Conditioning


Seizures means having abnormal electrical activity in brain which causes black outs, uncontrollable shaking of the body, sudden eye movements. Sleeping pills contain benzodiazepines which is an anti-depressant agent which increases the risk of seizures.



People consuming excessive amount of sleeping pills on a daily basis suffers from anxiety disorder. The symptoms of anxiety disorder includes feeling of panic, phobias, shortness of breath, dry mouth, dizziness and nauseated feeling.


Gastrointestinal Disorder Like Diarrhea

Usually sleeping pills consists of benzodiazepines along with other anti-depressant agents which slow down the central nervous system. But we all know that consuming too much of sleeping pills affects the digestive system very badly because it stimulates the digestive system which ultimately leads to diarrhea. Excessive intake of sleeping pills may also cause irritable bowel syndrome whose symptoms include abdominal pain, irregular bowel movements etc.


Erratic Behavior Side Effects

Triazolam, a benzodiazepines is the main constituent of sleeping pills causes side effects like sleep walking or amnesia. This is considered one of the worst side effects of sleeping pills.


Liver Damage And Kidney Damage

Sleeping pills within a particular range or dose under the strict guidance of the doctor is good and doesnot cause any ill effects to your health. But consuming too much of the sleeping pills affects the enzymes of the liver which ultimately leads to liver damage and also increases the bile secretion in the liver. The sleeping pills can also damage your kidneys.

Garlic Cleanses The Liver

Allergic Reaction

Some persons are prone to allergy with some kind of food product or the other. It is strange or rather surprising to know that some person is allergic to sleeping pills also. There are various constituents of sleeping pills which causes an allergic reaction. Sleeping pills might cause some allergic reaction like itching, rashes, swelling etc. Any sort of allergic reaction must be medically taken care of by rushing to the doctor before it gets worse.

Allergic Reactions

Prone To Cancer

Excessive intake of sleeping pills can increase the risk of having various forms of cancer like blood cancer, colorectal cancer etc which may ultimately lead to death.

skin cancer

Any symptoms observed after having sleeping pills over a prolonged period of time must be consulted to the doctor until it’s too late.