7 Serious Side Effects Soursop

Serious Side Effects Soursop

Soursop has been used in folk medicine to treat various diseases. The health benefits it provides are many. Still some unfavorable effects are part and parcel of this wonderful natural medicine. A few of the frequently reported side effects due to the use of soursop has been discussed below.

Side Effects Of Soursop

Causes Hypotension

Soursop is a natural remedy for hypertension. It contains compounds that lower blood pressure. It has vasodilation effects as well. So, if people taking medication for hypertension use soursop, it will reduce blood pressure to dangerously low levels. Therefore, they should consult the physician if they want to use soursop.

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Soursop has antidepressant properties. The alkaloids found in soursop are responsible for the antidepressant effect. It is beneficial for treating depression, anxiety and makes you feel good. However, if you are taking antidepressant medication, then be careful as it can increase the power of these drugs.


Parkinson’s Disease

Though soursop is beneficial against breast cancer, it is said to contain higher quantities of annonacin, which is believed to increase the risk of Parkinson’s disease. It is suspected to worsen the condition when consumed by people suffering from neurological disorders.

Parkinson’s disease

Leads To Uterine Problems

The phytochemicals found in soursop is effective in preventing uterine cancer. It is found to have anti-tumor properties and has been used to treat fibroids. It is also a strong uterine stimulant. So, it is better to avoid soursop during pregnancy, as it might lead to premature labor and even miscarriage.

Less Risk Of Ovarian and Uterine Cancer

Cardiovascular Problems

Aforementioned, soursop is a natural antidepressant. Overdosing or high amounts of soursop has a negative influence on the circulatory system. It can decrease systolic pressure. So, people with heart diseases should avoid soursop completely.

It Increases Cardiovascular Conditioning

Counteracts The Effects Of Coq10

Soursop has the ability to affect the supply of ATPs to cancerous cells. Coq10 is responsible for improving the ATP supply to cells. Hence, when soursop is taken along with Coq10, it will neutralize the effects of the medication and make it ineffective.


Research suggests that soursop can result in neurotoxicity and can affect the normal activities. Neurotoxicity can affect memory, concentration, sleep, etc. It can also cause movement disorder and fatigue.

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