7 Serious Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

Serious Side Effects Of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi, the exotic fruit is very popular for its unique taste and flavor. The little fruit is loaded with a lot of goodness and is well known for its vitamin reserves. However, over consumption of kiwi can result in health issues. Are you eager to know what kind of problems one can develop due to eating large amounts of kiwis? Read on.

Side Effects of kiwi Fruit

Allergic Reaction

Though kiwi fruit allergy is not reported often, it could be problematic for people, who are hypersensitive. In most cases, kiwi might result in itching and rashes. However, in severe cases, it might cause vomiting, eczema, difficulty in breathing, etc. It might trigger an anaphylactic reaction and can even result in death.

Nausea or Vomiting


Kiwi contains proteinase actinidin, an allergen, which is similar to papain. This might cause allergic dermatitis and utricaria when a person with latex allergy consumes kiwi fruits. So people having latex allergy must be careful while eating or handling kiwi fruits.


Pancreatic Problems

Eating too much kiwi can result in pancreatitis. Kiwis are packed with vitamin C, E, potassium and serotonin. A rise in the levels of these compounds can alter the quantity of triglycerides in the blood and damage the pancreas eventually.

Treats Pancreatitis

Stomach Problems

Kiwi fruit is an excellent laxative. So, one must be careful with the amount of fruit he or she consumes. Over consumption of kiwis can cause diarrhea. An allergic reaction in the stomach might cause abdominal pain and vomiting accompanied with diarrhea.

Upset Stomach

Oral allergies

Kiwi can trigger an oral allergy and cause inflammation of the tongue and lips. It might cause a burning sensation in the mouth and sometimes the person might experience a tingling effect in the tongue and lips. Throat and mouth swelling is also often reported.

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Affects Clotting Time

Kiwi is reported to slow down blood clotting time. When people with bleeding disorder consume kiwi, it might worsen the condition. One should avoid kiwis at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding during surgery.

bleeding disorder

Drug Interactions

Kiwis are found to possess antifungal effects. So, it might result in addiction when consumed along with some antifungal drugs. Also it might cause bleeding when taken with anticoagulants such as heparin, aspirin, etc.

Drug-Food Interactions