7 Serious Side Effects Of Eucalyptus Oil

Serious Side Effects Of Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has been conventionally used to treat various illnesses and widely used in aroma therapy for its calming and relaxing effects. It is marketed in the stores for its antimicrobial and insect repelling properties. In spite of these benefits it offers, it is considered unsafe when used in large quantities or ingested orally. Continue reading to know about the adverse effects of eucalyptus oil.

Side Effects of using Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus has been used traditionally to treat diabetes. Research has proved the anti-diabetic effects of eucalyptus too. However, if you are on medicines to manage serum sugar levels, close monitoring of blood sugar is required when you use eucalyptus. Eucalyptus can result in severe hypoglycemic conditions. So, consult the physician about using eucalyptus if you are on anti-diabetic medications.


Unsafe For Kids

Though eucalyptus oil has amazing health benefits, it should be strictly avoided for children. Even external application of the oil to treat cold or congestion should be avoided in children less than 6 years. Eucalyptus oil poisoning has been reported in children when 4ml of the oil was found to be ingested. It is unsafe for children.

Baby having fever


Accidental or intentional ingestion of eucalyptus oil can result in life threatening conditions. It is highly toxic and can result in coma and will affect the nervous system. Eucalyptus oil poisoning requires immediate medical attention. Even after recovery drowsiness might persist for days.

Nervous System

Skin Allergies

Eucalyptus oil might at times result in allergies when applied externally. It might cause rashes, skin redness, irritation and burning. Both pure oil and products containing the oil as an ingredient might result in such allergies.

Allergic Reactions


Eucalyptus oil is used to relieve respiratory related problems, cold, sinus and headache. However, overdose of eucalyptus oil can lead to severe headache. Though it is not a serious problem, it would be annoying and might make you tired and weak at times.

Migraine Headaches

Creates Excessive Heat

When eucalyptus oil is added to steam, it will reduce extreme heat. Though it is beneficial to relieve pain and respiratory problems, it cannot be tolerated by some people. Infants, elderly people, individuals with cardiovascular problems or nervous disorders should avoid this.


Drug Interaction

Eucalyptus oil might interact with a few drugs and reduce the effectiveness of the drug. When used along with anti-inflammatory drugs, it interferes with the drug absorption and makes it ineffective. It might also affect the metabolization of a few drugs. Sometimes, a drug interaction results in the development of rashes too.

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