7 Serious Side Effects Of Coriander Seeds

Side Effects Of Coriander Seeds

Coriander seeds are used worldwide for their unique flavor. The seeds are nutty, somewhat sweet and pungent. They are used in curries, pickles, masala and baked foods for flavoring. Beside the flavor, coriander seeds possess wonderful health benefits. They are a pack of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. However, this health enhancing spice can also cause some side effects too. Shocked? Read on to know about it in detail.

Side Effects of Coriander Seeds                        

Skin Problems

Overuse of coriander seeds might result in skin darkening and skin problems. Prolonged use of the seeds can result in skin irritation and itching. Dermatitis might also appear due to long term use of excessive coriander. Seek medical attention and discontinue the use of coriander if such problems crop up.

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Sun Sensitivity

The utilization of coriander seeds could make the skin more sensitive to sun. It increases sun burns and the risk of skin cancer. Excessive coriander tea can make the person incapable of tolerating sunlight and result in rashes and inflammation. Stop using coriander and use sunscreen if such symptoms show up.

Sun Sensitivity

Breathing Problems

The utilization of coriander seeds over a long period of time might cause breathing difficulties including dry throat. It can cause a tight feeling in the throat and chest pain. If such symptoms occur, discontinue the use of coriander and visit the healthcare provider straight away.

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Expectant Women

Coriander seeds might affect the reproductive glands and the hormones when consumed in high doses. So, pregnant women are advised to limit the utilization of coriander seeds to avoid the damages caused to the fetus and also the mother.

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Coriander seed allergy might common and the symprtoms include rashes, inflammation, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, etc. people who are sensitive to fennel, caraway, anise, etc would be allergic to coriander seeds.



Corinader seeds are beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels. A diabetic person under treatment for regulating blood sugar levels should closely monitor sugar levels when he or she uses coriander seeds. It is because coriander seeds might reduce serum glucose levels severely and result in hypoglycemia.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Coriander seeds contain high amounts of potassium, which helps regulate high blood pressure and normalizes heart rate. An overdose of coriander seeds might result in extremely low blood pressure. So, if you have low pressure or if you are on medication for high blood pressure, use coriander cautiously.

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