7 Reasons Why Meditation Can Help You Relax

Reasons Why Meditation Can Help You Relax

Stress is a commonly used word these days and it is a question in every one’s mind how to relax and be stress free. Meditation is one of the most useful techniques for dealing with stress.

Here Are The Reasons How Meditation Can Help You Relax

Meditation Gives You Deep Rest

Meditation is a technique to bring your mind to a state where you get deep rest. Throughout the day the mind is engaged in different activities. The mind experiences everything through the five senses and the excessive use of the senses makes you tired and lethargic. You need to learn to withdraw the senses from outside and be in the quietness for at least a short period of time daily. This helps you to recharge yourself and come back to the normal state of mind and body.Whenever you shut down your senses and go inward, you get rest. Sleep is a forced shut down that you experience everyday so that you get recharged and rejuvenated waking up the next morning. Even in sleep, you are not getting complete rest as the mind is still working to a certain extent. Consciously if you can rest for 20 minutes to 30 minutes, taking the mind inward from your senses, it gives you immense rest and energy which is equivalent to many hours of sleep.

Meditation Gives You Deep Rest

Meditation Reduces Racing Thoughts

There are many schools of thoughts about how to meditate, but eventually the desired result is the same, that is, having a thoughtless mind. The more the thoughts in our mind, the lesser relaxed you will be. Usually a normal person will have anywhere between 38 to 45 thoughts in a minute. When you are too much worried or stressed out, this may go to higher number of thoughts and causes restlessness, sleeplessness, inability to relax etc.

racing thoughts In meditation, the number of thoughts comes down gradually to the state of even no thoughts at all! This is deep meditation and in this state, healing of the mind and body happens.

Meditation Helps In Keeping Medical Conditions Under Control

A variety of researches have been conducted about the health benefits of meditation. It was found that meditation helps reduce blood pressure, cortisol levels, cholesterol levels, insomnia etc. to name a few. If your body is ill, you cannot relax as the mind and body are related. Meditation heals the mind and the body and helps in the total well being and relaxation.

Heart Protective

Meditation Helps Maintain Better Interpersonal Relationships

If you meditate daily, you experience a serenity and calmness which will make you stable emotionally. This helps in developing a skill to handle relationships in a better and skillful way. One of the major stresses in life is relationship problems. By being able to handle this well, you naturally become a more relaxed person.

Better Interpersonal Relationships

Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

The main reason for a poor quality of sleep is the excessive thoughts in the mind and restlessness. Meditation takes care of both and in turn provides a better sleep. A deep sleep is necessary for the body for its maintenance, self healing, and to have a relaxed and happy disposition.

Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

Meditation Helps You Eat Less

Most of the time people eat for comfort and this causes weight gain. Weight gain in turn creates poor self esteem and poor self confidence.

eat right

It is a habit seen widely to find solace in food while in depression, in excessive stress, or in a feeling of insecurity.Meditation brings in deep contentment where the need for excessive eating is curbed in a natural way. You no longer feel like eating more than what is necessary and thus experience weight loss. Excessive eating keeps your digestive system overworking and keeps the mind dull. By meditating, you tend to eat less, makes you more active and in turn makes you feel having things under your control and heightened self esteem.

Meditation Makes Your Divine qualities To Shine Forth

When you meditate, your mind becomes calm and quiet and that is when all good qualities are exhibited. You tend to be more helpful to others, be more kind and compassionate, and become more caring, sharing, and smiling. Meditation helps in managing the time well and thus will be able to reach out to others more often, share the happiness, and be more successful in all ways, and which in turn gives deep contentment and relaxation.

Meditation Makes Your Divine qualities To Shine Forth

Meditating regularly will certainly help you achieve all of the above as meditation itself is relaxation.  As you relax more, your actions become more dynamic and skillful, which definitely will lead you to a better quality of life.