7 Reasons To Add Honey On Your Tea

Reasons To Add Honey On Your Tea

Sugar because of its harmful effect is mostly avoided while having tea. People now a days have become more health conscious and are very much particular in what we having as their diet. The artificial sweetener famously known as Honey was previously very famous among kids, but no wonder in today’s time everybody is fond of honey because of its positive effects on the body. Honey is now acting as an alternative of sugar and is been used in almost every sweet dishes that is prepared. And trust me, the particular sweet dish tastes better than sugar. Honey has various advantages, it helps us to reduce weight, reduces the risk of having diabetes and others and this is the reason why people usually prefer to add honey on their tea. Honey is used in the various medicinal preparation to treat various diseases as well.Besides giving a unique flavor to the tea, honey added to the tea poses various health and nutritional benefits. Honey also helps to keep our body warm in the winter days.

Here are some of the reason why you must add honey to your tea

Supplement To Vitamin-B

Honey is rich in vitamin-B. In case you are missing on your essential amino acid and vitamin-B, no need to worry honey will fulfill the requirement of vitamin-B. So next time while having your tea don’t forget to add honey. Enjoy your healthy tea with the sweet flavor of honey.

Supplement To Vitamin-B

Boosting Immune System

It is advisable to the person suffering from frequent common cold to have tea with honey. Honey helps to boost the immune system. The antiviral and antifungal properties of honey helps to prevent colds and flu. Have tea with regularly to prevent common cold completely. Honey also treats various bacterial diseases because of its antibacterial agents.

Improved Immune System

Antioxidants Property Of Honey

Honey is rich in antioxidants. It helps to irradiate the free- radicals present in the body and keeps your body healthy and prevents us from falling sick and from various chronic illness.

Chronic Pain

Proper Digestion And Bowel Movements

Having pain in your stomach or having problem with your digestion or bowel movements daily. Don’t worry try to have tea especially black tea or green tea by adding one tablespoon of honey daily? Daily intake of honey in the tea helps to improve digestion, bowel movements and prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

improves digestion

Prevents Seasonal Allergic Reaction

Daily intake of honey in your tea helps us prevent various allergic reactions like itching, sneezing watery eyes, running nose etc. especially during the seasons when allergic reactions are most common.

Seasonal Allergies

Reduces Sore Throat Pain

Sore throat pain is very irritable. You cannot eat or drink anything properly due the sore throat. The reason for sore throat can be any, it may be due to bacterial infection or any viral infection or may be due to allergic reactions. In order to get rid if this irritable sore throat pain of yours have tea along with lemon and honey. Having tea with honey soothes the pain naturally.

sore throat

Reduces Weight

Want to reduce your weight and want to look slim and good-looking? Don’t worry there is a solution to it. Having tea by adding one table spoon of honey on a daily note will help you to reduce your weight. Besides reducing your weight, honey also makes your skin glow and gives a fresh look to your face.

Reduction In Weight