7 Quick, Easy, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

7 Quick, Easy, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The minute you get from your bed your mind is always caught up with different things like meeting with a client, some deadline at work, your boss at work, your family’s demands and so on. So you are always in a state of constant rush to get ready and head off to work. In this, we often forget one very important thing, which is having breakfast. Many people don’t realize this, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After sleeping for around 6 to 8 hours during which our body undergoes lots of wear and tear. Also, 6 to 8 hours is a considerable time gap during or after which we tend to feel hungry. So skipping breakfast is not at all a good option. Instead, why not opt for some simple yet healthy food recipes. Come, let’s find out more..

Egg Sandwich

The egg is always the safest bet. Not only is this hungriest, but is also extremely tasty. So all you’ve got to do is to first sauté some spinach leaves in oil along with the number of eggs. To this add a slight dash of salt and pepper. Take two slices of bread (opt for either brown or multigrain bread as healthier options) and put the spinach and eggs along with a slice of cheese and you are ready to go. Apart from making a sandwich you can also prepare scrambled or poached eggs with brown or multigrain bread toast. Even simple egg white with slice of bread can be a good substitute.

Egg Sandwich

Fruit Smoothie

Mix and blend properly around ½ cup of plain yoghurt (if you have Greek yoghurt, that will be better) along with a banana along with ½ cup of either coconut milk or normal milk. Just grind them together in a juicer or a mixer. A good idea will be to make this smoothie before and refrigerate it so that you can enjoy it chilled. Another variation is healthier peanut butter smoothie for which apart from banana, you will also need peanut butter as well as some almond milk and then blend all these together. If you like oats, you may as well add just cooked oats and banana along with a dash of honey and some chopped walnuts and blend them together.

Recipe of coconut water, strawberries, banana and papaya smoothie

French Toast

Popular and one of the very simple recipes you can give a shot to are French Toasts. Just beat some eggs in a flat dish. You can exclude the yoke part. Add some milk and very little sugar (only for taste). Cut slices of bread into two equal halves. Dip the bread in such a way that they get a layer of egg on both the sides. Heat a pan and add 2 drops of oil, preferably olive oil and fry the dipped bread slice. Serve hot. One more variation in this is to replace milk and sugar for salt and red chili powder along with finely chopped coriander in the egg mixture only.

French Toast

Poha/Flattened Rice

Another simple recipe is the Indian recipe of Poha. In a pan take some oil, add some chopped green chilies and onions and sauté it for another 5 to10 minutes. If you want tomatoes, add chopped tomatoes as well. Add the flattened rice along with a little bit of turmeric powder, salt and sugar. Garnish with finely chopped coriander.


Upma Or Vermicelli Upma

Made from semolina (Rava), this dish is easy to make, tasty as well as healthy. Heat some oil in a pan, to which add dried red chilies and chopped onions. Add the semolina, mix with the chilies and sauté it slightly till the shade of semolina turns slightly darker. Along with chopped onions, you can also add chopped carrots, cauliflower to make the dish all the healthier. Once sautéed, add chopped tomatoes and mix well. To this add boiling water till the time the entire mixture of semolina along with the vegetables gets immersed in that. Stir well. Add salt, sugar as per taste and serve hot with chopped coriander for garnishing. Squeeze lemon for added flavor.


Apple And Cucumber Juice

For all the fitness freaks, you will relish this easy and healthy recipe. All you have to do it is to add roughly chopped apples (along with the skin) and chopped cucumber in a mixer or blender vessel. Add approximately ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and just blend it all together. Freshly prepared apple and cucumber juice is ready for you in hardly two minutes.

cucumber and apple juice

Flavored Quinoa

If you are bored of having those same old cornflakes or muesli or oats, then you may try a tasty as well as healthy variation of this. All you have to do is how you cook oats in milk, just cook quinoa in milk. For healthier options, try soy milk or cow milk. To this mixture, add some dry fruits like nuts and freshly cut fruits.

Avocado Quinoa Salad