7 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Is it really necessary to store all the food items in the refrigerator in order to keep it fresh and healthy? Well, answer to that is quite simple, yet it is not known to all. We often store some food items or rather the common food items that are in use in our daily life in refrigerator that should not be stored. Storing such food items can change the flavor or the texture of the food or even spoil the food items and might also become unhealthy if we have the same. People must have the knowledge to know which are the food items we must refrigerate and which if those we should not. While buying the food items we must always check the labels about such direction.

Here we will be giving you the information about the names of the common foods that we must not refrigerate


Most people have the wrong concept that storing tomatoes in the refrigerator will keep it fresh and healthy. Let me tell you all, that you are absolutely wrong. If tomatoes are refrigerated, they color, texture and the flavor of the same is lost. The tomatoes will lose its nutrient property and hence will no longer be healthy to have. It is recommended to store the tomatoes in a bowl or a basket or in a paper bag.



Onions should never be refrigerated because if you refrigerate the same, mold growth will take place and the texture of the onion will also become soft. It is safe to store the onions in a paper or a mesh bag. People must always remember that they must not store the onions near potatoes, because this makes the onion rot faster.

Onion (2)


Storing garlic in the refrigerator will make it deteriorate faster. Garlic will also lose it antimicrobial and medicinal properties. It is best to store garlic in a dark and ventilated container.



Bananas, especially the green bananas are always healthy and fresh if you keep it in the room temperature. Refrigerating the bananas will prevent proper ripening of the fruit. One thing you must remember that the outer covering of the bananas if start changing its color if you do not eat the bananas within few days, but the inner fruit will remain firm and is perfect to have the healthy fruit.

Ripe or Raw Banana


Do not refrigerate bread because refrigerating the same makes the dry and lose its flavor. If you intending to have the fresh bread within a day then you can refrigerate it only for a day by storing the bread in a close container.

Eating Gluten Free Bread


Oils under any circumstances cannot be refrigerated because it will make oil harder, thick and cloudy in appearance and will be quite unhealthy if we have the refrigerated oil. The best way to store oil is to keep it in a cool dark place. Refrigerated oil in very much harmful to heart and can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Mix Castor And Olive Oil


It is very much unhealthy if you have refrigerated honey. Refrigerated honey looses all its antimicrobial and beneficial properties. Storing honey in the refrigerated will make it harder and also make honey crystallizes. Store the honey in a tightly closed container in some cool and dark place away from the sunlight in order to keep it healthy.