7 Effective Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

Are you suffering from heel spurs (also known as osteophyte) and want to get rid of pain in heels now and then. You may be experiencing the pain most when you take the first step after sitting for long or may be with every step you take.

You should not ignore early symptoms of heel spurs and start the treatment as soon as possible. However, if you have neglected heel spurs for long and now the pain has become your daily routine, don’t get disappointed, there are excellent home remedies to treat heel spurs. Here are seven most effective home remedies for treating heel spurs:

Home Remedies For Heel Spurs

Take Ice Pack Treatment

Ice Pack For Heel Spurs

You can also give a massage with ice to your heels. Place your heels on an ice pack for 5-10 minutes three times a day and then cover your feet with a cloth for some time. After this apply some moisturizer or oil on your feet to avoid dryness. Make sure you do this treatment before going to bed also. Application of ice pack also gives immediate relief from pain in heels,  therefore you can also roll over your heels over an ice or chilled water bottle while sitting in office to get instant relief.

A Relaxing Coconut Oil Foot Massage

Coconut Oil For Heel Spurs

Avoid dryness in your feet and massage it with coconut oil in night. Wash your feet with a gentle liquid soap and pat dry, thereafter apply luke warm coconut oil around your feet and massage gently for around 5-10 minutes. Give pressure with your fingers on toes while massaging and wear socks after it. Repeat this for a week or two and you will surely get rid of heel spurs. You can also use olive oil instead of coconut oil for massage. This massage treatment also gives instant relief from heel pain.

Application Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Heel Spurs

Apple cider vinegar is also considered as an effective way to treat heel spurs. Take this fluid in a wide vessel or tub and place your feet in it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this for 2-3 weeks twice a day. You can also make a wrap of apple cider vinegar by soaking a brown paper, towel, or a cotton cloth in this solution and wrapping it around your heels overnight. For better results you can add molasses and baking soda to apple cider vinegar and then apply as suggested.

Do Stretching Foot Exercises

Foot Exercises For Heel Spurs

Avoid sitting or lying ideally for long. Do some easy exercises like stretching your feet from left to right, right to left, rolling all over, and putting pressure with your heels on steps, floor, wall etc., for 5-10 minutes for 5-6 times a day.

You can take short walks in between your work to relax your heels. You can also put some golf balls inside your socks and roll over your feet over the golf balls. This will help your feet to not get crammed and give you relaxation from heel spurs.

Increase Calcium Intake

Green Tea For Heel Spurs

Calcium is a very good home remedy for treating any kinds of problems in bones specially heel spurs. It is observed that regular consumption of calcium-rich foods helps to get rid of heel spurs. You should regularly take calcium rich foods like milk, green leafy vegetables (spinach, turnip, kale, etc.), soymilk, soybeans, egg whites, fish, etc. in your daily intake.  Drinking green tea made of alfalfa at least twice a day and intake of omega-3 fatty acids also helps to get rid of heel spurs. You will notice the improvement in few weeks.

Use Shoes With Heel Cushions

Heel Cushions For Heel Spurs

It is observed that people who wear tight shoes or walk for long time are more prone towards heel pain. Therefore, you should wear shoes which are perfect size for your legs and are not giving any extra pressure on your heels, toes or legs. You can get shoes in market which have inbuilt heel cushions or you can buy them separately and put it in your existing ones. You may feel some discomfort with it for few days, but trying this out will surely give you relief from heel spurs. Please note, high or tipped heels should be avoided in case you are suffering from heel pain.

Apply A Cabbage Wrap

Cabbage Wrap For Heel Spurs

Applying a cabbage wrap around your heels also helps to get rid of heel pain. To make this wrap, take a fresh cabbage of big size and wrap its leaves around your feet in such a way that your toes are covered properly. Cover the wrap with a thin cloth or paper bag overnight. Repeat this for 1-2 weeks and you will certainly get relief from heel pain.