7 Different Types Of Cheese Famous All Over The World

7 Different Types Of Cheese Famous All Over The World

7 Different Types Of Cheese Famous All Over The World Cheese is one of the most loved dairy products, famous all over the world. The basic method of preparation of cheese remains same everywhere. It is the process of curdling and fermenting milk to form pale yellowish spread or cubes that taste a bit salty.

Cheeses are of various types and forms. There can be no general way that can categorize cheese. While in some countries the process of fermentation and the type of bacteria used for the purpose differs, in others it is the hardness or the softness of the cheese; some being as soft as spreads while others are really hard and in cube forms. Cheese differs on the basis of the milk used as the basic product too. Sometimes it is made from cow milk, while at other times it can also be produced from goat milk, buffalo milk, etc. The duration of fermentation, fat content, other nutritious contents are also strong determinants for the type of cheese.  So, it is always difficult to make a list of the different types of cheese that way.

In this article you will get an idea of the various types of cheese that are famous all over the world. Some of them are chef’s favorite while others are known for their content and texture.

Type 1

The one we will start discussing now is a famous product manufactured in Argentina. It is known as ‘Goya’. It is characterized by hard form and is excellent for making recipes that need shredded cheese. It has got a typical nutty flavor too and can be identified by its pale yellow color.

Type 2

This is one of the best French cheeses. It is known as ‘Gratte Paille’. Famous all over the world for its delicious taste, it has additional doses of creamy soft texture.

Type 3

The one that is discussed now is one of the simplest forms of French cheese. It is produced in fewer quantities, so is consumed domestically, leaving no further options of export to other countries. It is known as ‘Fromage Blanc’ and is characterized by a mild flavor.

Type 4

This type of cheese is really famous of its characteristic feature of being more flavored with time. Produced in Italy, raw cow milk becomes its basic ingredient. This is semi soft and buttery in texture and is a great treat to eat as an individual dish.  It is known all over as ‘Fontina Val d,Aosta’.

Type 5

This Portuguese cheese is characterized by its nature of being soft initially and getting harder as days pass. You need to bite and eat it and it forms an individual dish itself. It is made from sheep’s milk and is known as ‘Evora’.

Type 6

This type is a famous cheese with its roots in Switzerland. It is known as ‘Emmenthaler’ and has an attractive golden brown rind all over. It has a sweet aromatic essence and a nutty flavor with a hard texture.

Type 7

This variety of cheese is an excellent option to eat in salads. It is manufactured in Turkey and sheep’s milk forms its base. It is characterized by a white look and a semi solid texture.

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