7 Delicious Irish Desserts

Delicious Irish Desserts

Irish cuisine is hundreds of years old and takes us into the era of Vikings and the early Catholic culture. Characteristic use of potatoes, whiskey, coffees in the food culture has always made the Irish food stand out.

It is interesting to note that these three ingredients are also prominently used in preparing classic Irish desserts. Today, Irish desserts are served all over the world and are part of sophisticated menus as well as the popular café culture.

Traditional Irish Whiskey Cake

Ireland is known for its whiskey, Jameson. The cake is prepared with butter, golden raisins (sultanas) and whiskey as its key ingredients. The cake is dense and simple in appearance. It tastes moist and rich. It is usually prepared in a ring-shaped oven case and is served with warm tea. Irish whiskey cakes are significant in Irish weddings. During celebrations, the cake is often served along with whiskey sauce and whiskey icing.

Irish Whiskey Cake

Irish Coffee Cake

The cake was first time prepared around 1940s using plenty of the famous Irish coffee along with undiluted whiskey; iced with rich double cream. The cake is garnished with grated hazelnut. It is often served warm. This cake is one of the best examples representing the flavorful combination of Irish whiskey and Irish coffee. It looks dark and the thick double cream icing greatly enhances the flavor and richness of the cake.

Irish Coffee Cake


Barmbrack is the sweet festival season Irish bread cake which is said to be prepared from the yeast obtained from the fermented beer. It is sweet and contains raisins and sultanas. The cake is part of Irish Halloween`s celebrations and usually contains items like ring or coin. Each item is believed to foretell future. For example, someone who gets a ring in their slice of cake is believed to get married in a year.

Barmbrack Cake

Irish Apple Pie

The Apple pie recipe in Ireland is often a closely guarded family secret which is passed from generations to generations. The recipes vary but they all taste amazingly delicious. The Irish apple pie recipe is often served along with home-made custard and thick cream.

Irish Apple Pie Cake

Blue Cheese Tart

The Irish blue cheese tart is soft and can be snacked anytime of the day. The original recipe pairs figs with blue cheese but those who do not like blue cheese use cheddar cheese.

Blue Cheese Tart Cake

Potato Biscuits

Potato biscuits are eaten with fruit preserves and jellies in Ireland. They are baked in every home and are part of the popular sweet snacks.

Potato Biscuits

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Irish Potato Pie

Prepared from extra smooth potatoes and cream, the authentic potato pie simply melts in mouth. Though the original recipe is not very old still the pie has become an integral part of the best Irish Desserts. Many Irish dessert recipes got modified with time but a few places still follow the original recipes. On the occasion of St Patrick`s Day, many green colored desserts and pastries are prepared and sold in Ireland. This intricate use of green color in syrups, sauces and icing is one of the star tourist attractions. Though the desserts are prepared in abundance during the festivals, one need not wait for any special occasion to taste these divine flavors.

Irish Potato Pie