7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Echinacea

Dangerous Side Effects Of Echinacea

Since the time immemorial, people have been benefitted from the powerhouse of nature in terms of the medicinal herbs and the plants along with the benefits it has to offer. Even in the current times, people tend to turn to medicinal plants and herbs and prefer to consume them along with the conventional medications. One of these herbs which are extensively used the world over in treating ailments in relation to the immune system apart from various others are Echinacea. However, with the great benefits this medicinal herb has to offer comes a few side effects too.

Some of the side effects of Echinacea are discussed below

Fever Issues And Headache

Echinacea is however known to be pretty safe for short term consumption, but it has its share of side effects in terms of fevers and headaches as well! Some people have encountered fever and headaches after consumption of this medicinal plant extracts in terms of leaves, flowers, tea and et al.

Rebound Headaches

Joint And Muscle Issues

One of the other known side effects of this great medicinal plant is that it causes muscle and joint pain in humans.

Muscle & Joint Stiffness

Allergic Reactions

Even though, Echinacea is known to be safe for children below the age of twelve, controversies in this matter is still evident and present. This is due to the fact that children below the age of 12 have been seen to develop severe rashes after Echinacea consumption and thus some regulatory bodies have recommended against the use of Echinacea products in children at all. It has also been seen that people and children who are already allergic to mums, daisies, rag weed and marigolds are mostly affected by this as well.

skin allergies

Side Effects In Auto Immune Diseases

It has been noted that consumption of Echinacea is a complete no no for ones’ who are affected by any kind of auto immune disorders like pemphigus vulgaris which is a skin related disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even lupus, also known as systemic lupus erythematosis. This is due to the fact that consumption of Echinacea can cause ill effects on the immune system which can actually worsen the auto immune disorder conditions in humans.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Atopy Issues

There is a condition which is an inherited condition where a person is inclined towards having allergies also known as atopy, and if a person suffers from this issue, he or she should better stay away from Echinacea. This is because of the fact that Echinacea consumption can actually cause grave allergic reactions as a side effect.

Allergic Reactions

Side Effects When Taken Orally

Even though Echinacea has a number of great health benefits and is known to be superb for the immune system, on consumption of this medicinal herb by mouth has its side effects too. It has been seen that this herb if consumed by mouth leads to an array of medical conditions starting from sore throat, tingling sensation in mouth, nausea as well as vomiting in humans.

sore throat

Drug Interactions Causing Liver Damage

Maybe one of the most grave of the side effects this medicinal herb has, Echinacea is not at all safe for people who are under medication without the prior permission of the doctor. Certain medications like amiodarone (Pacerone, Cordarone and et al) which are drugs used in treating heart ailments along with drugs used in treating fungal infections are considered to be rather unsafe when consumed with Echinacea in any form as they can interact with these medicines and result into damaging the liver to a great extent.

Garlic Cleanses The Liver