7 Benefits Of Attachment Parenting

Benefits Of Attachment Parenting

The children who are brought up in an environment of attachment parenting will go with a life of building and maintaining that rapport throughout their life in a better manner. The main aim of this parenting is to raise children, who can preserve emotional and healthy relation. The parents are of the belief that this should start from the home, the attachment of children and parents are to be the base for this healthy bond.

Attachment Parenting Puts You In Their Shoe:

children well

In attachment parenting, it’s all about understanding your children well. Here, knowing them well means, with clear knowledge of their needs at all stages of their development. This will empower each parent. Knowing your kids well, work as a sixth sense in you, making you capable to manage the situations smoothly, which will cause trouble to your kids.

The Children Brought In Attachment Parenting Care For Others:

children brought in attachment parenting

The children are getting care and love from their parents in their home. They are grown in this environment. This will nurture a caring habit in them also. This will last throughout their life. They will automatically care for others in the society, where they are put into in future life. This will present a positive affect on the people who are cared by these children. It is the neglected children who follow a wrong path and get spoiled and spoil others too.

Building Good Behaved Brain:

Building good behaved brain

In brain under the process of developing, neurons play an important role in building the behavioral pattern of the brain. It is the neurons that decide this behavioral pattern. At the ending part of the neuron there are filaments like parts to get them maintain the connection between other neurons, thus maintaining the connectivity of the brain with other organs of the body. It is these neurons which carry messages from the brain to the organs. Thus, neurons control the capacity of the brain to think, act and its habits. All together we can put it control the organization of the brain.

The children with unorganized behavior, is those with large numbers of disorganized neuron pathways. These children are at the risk of developing distractibility, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The disease is referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The brain development of the child during the first three years is very rapid when compared to the development occurring during the rest of the year. So when an organization pattern is embedded at this time and set the brain with large number of good pathways, it will set the behavioral pattern of the people. This can be made possible through attachment parenting. Through attachment parenting the pathways of the brain in a child are properly organized, by their touch, love and care.

Organizing Babies:

children with incredible habits

It is a very amazing period and way of developing great children with incredible habits. For this we have to consider 9 months of gestation time and at least nine months after birth. Each moment of this 18 months is interrelated. When the child is in the womb stage, he or she experiences a different approach when compared to his lifetime when the kid is outside the mother’s body. At this time the attachment parenting can provide the kids with the sensitivity and gentleness that the child was experiencing as a womb in the mother’s uterus. When the mother embraces the baby for breast feeding with utmost care and love, the mother’s heartbeat remind the baby of the sound that it heard when it was a womb. When lying close to the chest of the father or mother the baby feels the sense of the rhythmic breathing. When the baby is held warm and close to the parents, it will develop a child capable of controlling his reflexes.

Will Promote Alertness In Babies:

attachment parenting don’t cry a lot

The babies who are brought up in attachment parenting don’t cry a lot. So they get plenty of time to play. At time of play they are more alert, observing their environment very closely and picking more information from all that they see. These kids preserve their energy to interact with others, which makes others happy too.

Promotes Trust In Kids:

Promotes trust in kids

Children should be aware that they can depend on parents for bringing them in the right way. They can also depend them to meet their needs too. In attachment parenting it is vital for the kids to naturally foster in their mind that they are safe in the hands of their parents. When the baby trust his mother in attachment parenting to get his needs fulfilled, naturally he will rely upon his mother in shaping his behavior in his own manners.

Promotes Independence:

kids are more independent

In attachment parenting, the kids are more independent than in less caring parenting. The fact is, the kids are feeling safer in attachment parenting, which develop the kid to be more independent. The kid will be easier to adapt to new situations and adjust with it.