6 Useful Tips For Decorating Your First Home

6 Useful Tips For Decorating Your First Home
No more of moving from place to place. Now that you have bought your first home, it’s time to start decorating it. I know it can be an overwhelming experience; so many empty rooms that have to be filled up and need decorating! It is best to not rush into things immediately, though. You need to check your finances and prepare a budget, depending upon whether you have bought your home on loan, and how much do you really want to invest.

As you start living in your new first home, you will realize there are many daily expenses and needs that keep cropping up. So, it’s best to invest wisely, plan things well within a budget and choose a simple yet effective design plan for each room. Make this an exciting and liberating experience, and enjoy decorating your first home keeping these tips in mind.

Best Tips For Decorating Your First Home

Focus On Essentials

It’s tempting to do everything at once and decorate your first home to make it look impressive. But, it’s best to focus on getting essential items at first. Think about which items you need the most and start with what is most important.

Sofa For Your Living Room

A sofa for your living room, bed for the bedroom, dining table and chairs, a few storage cabinets and cupboards, are what you require urgently. Non-essential items should be put on hold at this stage. You can buy other furniture items gradually.


While decorating your first home, consider using some of the old furniture pieces that you had with you. This will save on expenses and prevent wastage as well. If you feel they are not suiting the decor of your new home, there are a few things you can do to make them fit in.

Kitchen Chairs

You can get your favourite bookcase sanded and apply a new paint matching with your home decor. Get the old kitchen chairs upholstered. You can get your old couch refurbished, too.

Spend Time Shopping Around

Before you start decorating your first home, it is advisable to check different furniture and home decors in various stores to get an idea of the costs and different designs available.

Furniture Stores

You may come upon a furniture store that gives you discounts on bulk purchases. Also, check antique stores and other cheaper places for second-hand furniture that might be available in very impressive designs at a cheaper cost.

You Don’t Have To Match

Avoid buying complete sets of furniture items for a room, which the salesperson is likely to lure you into. Matching sets can be expensive and actually look boring sometimes and prevent you from making your own style statement.

Furniture Items For A Room

Instead, aim for creating an original and personalized look while decorating your first home. You will even enjoy this creative process more than just getting a mundane furniture set.

Use Colors And Accents

Colors can make a simple room look vibrant. Get curtains, pillows and rugs in vibrant colors in order to spice up your first home. You can choose from bold and striking accents and get beautiful pieces of decor from a home styling store at a discount sale. Simple color patterns in stripes or florals can add a lot of drama to your room decor.

Painting One Wall

A very simple way to decorate your first home is to get the room walls painted in your favourite color scheme. Painting one wall in a dark and bright shade is sometimes all the decoration that you would need in decorating a first home.

Make It Yours

The simplest way to decorate your first home is to put up lots of pictures of your family, friends, favourite places and other beautiful memories, all around the house. Get them framed and hang them around creatively.

Pillows With Your Initials

You can get monogrammed pillows with your initials or names, or use the decorative pieces that you acquired when you went on a trip. This will be a lot of fun while decorating your first home, and bring that feeling of belonging and warmth in the new home.