6 Superb Uses Of The Used Tea Bags

6 Superb Uses Of The Used Tea Bags

6 Superb Uses Of The Used Tea Bags

Gone are the days when people used to throw out stuffs after one use, but using the wastes in diverse ways with different innovative ideas are very much in trend now days and is a great way of utilizing the resources. If we talk about tea bag, its not only made to serve your taste-buds but it also possesses innumerable benefits including health, beauty and house-hold. From treating your puffy eyes or sun burnt skin to cleansing your carpet or rug; from aiding you in garden to drive away foul smell from your house and the list doesn’t end here, tea bag has lot more attributes to blow your mind. If you want to know more about them, let us enlighten you with the 6 superb uses of tea bags, read on.

Here Are The 6 Uses Of Used Tea Bags:

Boost The Taste Of Pasta Or Grains:

Want to make your pasta tastier than usual? Then here comes tea bag to satisfy your urge. All you need to do is hang the used tea bags into a vessel of water. As the water starts boiling, take the tea bags out and mix the pasta or grains of your choice. This act will add more taste to your pasta or grain. Lastly, you may try green tea bags for pasta while chamomile or jasmine tea bags for rice to make the dishes delicious ever!

Boost The Taste Of Pasta Or Grains

Rejuvenate Your Eyes:

One of the most effective beauty utilizations of used tea bags is to rejuvenate or soothe your exhausted eyes eliminating all sorts of eye issues as tired eyes, baggy eyes, pink eyes etc. Simply store two used tea bags in the refrigerator or dip into icy cool water for few minutes. Now take them away and place over your closed eyes and relax for at least 15 minutes. Tea bags preserve a good amount of tannin which treats puffy eyes and provide your utmost comfort.

Rejuvenate Your Eyes

Heals Sunburn:

Fretting over sunburn? Is your razor burn gives you skin irritation? Well then you should definitely try this remedy out. Take two used and cold teabags and hold them over the affected areas of your body. The tannin in the tea-bags possesses healing properties that treats the inflammation of the burn and leaves a soothing effect. This remedy is applicable for sun burn, razor burn or minor burn injuries.


Revitalize Plants:

Another strange but proven benefit of used tea bags is to save your plants from fungal infection. Simply take few used tea bags and steep into a bucket of water. Now feed your plants with this solution and prevent fungal growth. Besides you can just strip the tea off from the used tea bags and scatter them on the tubs of the plants it not only makes the soil fertile but also keep pests at bay.

Revitalize Plants

Wash Greasy Dishes Easily:

Ladies will surely love this one as this is going to lessen your struggle with scrubbing and cleaning greasy or food stained dishes. Simply add 2 or 3 used tea bags in the sink with warm water and steep the greasy dishes into the solution for 5 minutes and then wash off without any extra effort.

Wash Greasy Dishes Easily

Make Excellent Mouth Wash:

As brewed tea preserves natural mouth washing properties, you can utilize them to refresh your breath. Just soak used tea bags in warm water or 5 minutes and use the solution to gargle. Utilize peppermint tree for maximum benefits.

Make Excellent Mouth Wash

So next time you finish a cup of tea, don’t trash the tea-bags rather utilize them according the above said ways and discover new ones!