6 Side Effects Of Indian Gooseberry You Should Be Aware Of

Side Effects Of Indian Gooseberry

The sharp tasting Indian Gooseberries, having the transcendent taste is loaded down with astonishing medical advantages. But did you ever imagine that it could likewise bring about negative impacts to our well being. Indeed, yes! You can know them perusing through the accompanying. There are several side effects of Indian Gooseberries, few are mentioned below.

6 side effects of Indian Gooseberries that you should know

Can Cause Hyper Acidity

Indian Gooseberries being a rich wellspring of Vitamin C that adds to the acidic way of the organic product. Indian Gooseberries is regularly recommended to be ingested on unfilled tummy for the purposes of detoxification; this may really disturb your tummy activating acridity. On the off chance that you have any case history of hyperacidity to Vitamin C sustenance, then you ought to abstain from eating this natural product.

Can Cause Hyper Acidity

Can Cause Constipation

If you consume in large quantity there is a possibility that you might suffer from constipation. And it worsen the situation more of you do not enough water after eating the fruit raw. So it is always good to have it in the form of juice or in the form of dried powder.

Cures Constipation

Should Be Avoided By Diabetic Patients

Indian Gooseberries should be avoided if you are on medication that is prescribed for diabetes. This fruit lowers the sugar level in the body, and the medication that you will be taking will do the same job, hence in such a case intake of Indian Gooseberries should be avoided, as it will tremendously lower the levels, which can be really dangerous for your health.


Loss In Skin Moisture

It can cause skin damage and can also prevent the skin from its natural moisture. The properties present in the Indian Gooseberries causes the skin to dryness, hence you should avoid having Indian Gooseberries in large quantity and should drink plenty of water as well after having Indian Gooseberries

Dry Skin

Can Increase The Cold

Indian Gooseberries is a cooling substance, and it cools down the body, hence if you are having cold problems then you must completely avoid the intake of Indian Gooseberries during that period.


Burning Sensation During Urination

Indian Gooseberries has an abundance of vitamin C, which is high on acids and can because of which, you may suffer from pain when urinating or can feel burning sensation. And not just that, it can also cause dehydration which, if happens along with this can lead to severe urinary infection.

Burning Sensation During Urination