6 Scabies Causes Symptoms And Treatment


Scabies is the skin disease which is caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei. This parasite known as mites. Mites  has  8 legs and cannot seen by the naked eyes. It burrow into the skin and cause intense itching and inflammation to the skin mostly in the night. This disease is caused by the female mites. It has been noticed that there are around 310 million cases of the scabies throughout the world. It can happen to any age group.

Here Are The List Of  Scabies Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Scabies Causes

This parasite borns in the dirty place and the place where there are so many of the bacteria and viruses are there like hospitals , and other health institutions. This parasite requires high temperature. It is a orally transmitted disease. This transfers from skin to skin, sexual contact, wear used clothes, contact with the animals, shaking hands, hug each other. This parasite has the life of the only 24 hours but the pain is so extensive of scabies.


Scabies Symptoms

Scabies gives the red rashes on the skin , bumps and itching. It also gives web between the fingers, back and the elbow, rashes on the joints. Each bump is a mites and there are so many of the bumps now you can imagine how many mites are there in the rashes. But as they have less life so there are only 15-20 mites at a time on the skin. Some times it also contains the blood patches in the bumps. Scabies  are small  threadlike projections, size  from 3 mm-17 mm long, which appear as thin grey, brown, or red lines in affected areas. This is most important that the symptoms of the scabies occurs after 2-3 months.


Scabies  Diagnosed

There are so many of the tests by which we can diagnosed the scabies. One is known as the Skin Scrapping Test, in which we should scrap out the skin by applying the mineral oil, then we check out in  the  microscope about the mites, eggs and pellets. If the scabies cannot be diagnosed then we go for the Polymerase Chain Reaction in this we examine the genetic things about the mites. There are so many of the skin biopsies are also there to diagnosed the scabies.


Scabies Treatment

There are so many of the treatments in the market like cream, ointment, medicine etc.Here are some of the treatment

Permethrin Cream

This is the anti scabies cream and it is widely used. Apply this cream in the night from neck to the whole body and leave it for the night and then clean it in the morning. Use this cream for 7 days for the best results. This cream is not for the infant, it is only for the adults, avoid contact with eyes.


Lindane Lotion

This is another cream for the scabies. Apply the lotion on the bumps and leave it for the ten hours then clean it with the  water. Lindane is highly reactive,  so don’t apply this on  extensive skin disease, on the pregnant lady, old people, children below 3 years of age. One more important thing is that we should not use Lindane as a first treatment for the scabies, first we should go for the proper treatment and when there is no other options then use this as  an alternative treatment.


Ivermectin (stromectol)

This is an oral medicine. It is anti parasitic medicine and directly attack on the bumps and the eggs of the mites. It is used when the patient cannot bear the pain of scabies. Oral medicines are easy to take and they give the relief instantly. The dosage of this medicine is 210 mg per kg of the body weight.