6 Remedies For Vaginal Dryness During Sex

Remedies For Vaginal Dryness During Sex

In normal conditions, the vagina (birth canal) stays moist and lubricated due to lubricating slimy substance released from it s walls. This lubrication usually increases during some days of menstrual cycle and also when the female is aroused. During sexual arousal the lubrication increases in order to facilitate the movement of male reproductive organ and reduce friction. Also it helps in the motility of the sperms and helps them during their travel to the eggs for fertilisation process. Now this is the normal process. However in certain disorders or conditions, the release of lubricating fluid is reduce which causes dryness of the vagina. One point to note is that the release of lubricating fluid depends on a hormone called estrogen. During arousal estrogen is released which results in lubrication. Therefore any of the condition which disturbs the release of estrogen results in vaginal dryness. Some of the ordinary causes of vaginal dryness are menopause (release of estrogen is reduced), intake of hormonal pills (disturb the normal release of hormones), increased stress levels, lack of arousal, use of certain medications etc. With respect to sex, a dry vagina results in excessive friction, irritation, burning sensation and pain. If left untreated it might further develop into rashes and even infection in some cases. Also vaginal dryness causes sexual discomfort and problems during intercourse. The methods of reducing vaginal dryness will mainly depend on its causes; and it ranges from usage of simple creams or home remedies to a hormonal therapy. Let us discuss each of these measures in details.

Here Are Remedies For Vaginal Dryness During Sex

Use Of Lubrication

There are couple of water based gels which act as a lubricant from vagina. These products are exclusively designed keeping the vaginal mucosa in context; you should avoid using any random gel or cream for lubricating as they might cause irritation. Also glycerine based products must be avoided as it causes irritation. These lubricants can also be applied on the male sexual organ before intercourse. The effect of these products like for 6-7 hours. It is advisable that you consult your doctor before using any of the products.

Water based gel

Applying Moisturiser

In addition to the lubricants, there are certain agents that build up the moisture in vagina. They normally restore the moisture levels and act for 3-4 days at a stretch with just one application. Moisturisers are advised in bit severe cases of vaginal dryness. Your doctor will advise the best product for you.

Applying Moisturiser

Avoid Using Products Irritant To Vaginal Mucosa

People tend to use some kitchen ingredients like vinegar, curd, etc. on the basis of permutations and combinations for their vaginal dryness. These products irritate the vagina leading to more severe dryness. Additionally if you use normal skin creams or gels for lubricating the vagina, fragrant lotions or soaps for cleaning the vagina, some kind of bath oils etc. all these result in irritation and dryness of vagina. Hence such products and experiments must be strictly avoided.

White vinegar

Topical Estrogen Application

If any of the above measures does not work, your doctor might consider starting a hormone therapy. Instead of intravenous or oral medications, topically applied estrogen works the best for vaginal dryness. Estrogen can be applied to the vagina in the form of a cream which should ideally be applied before sleeping. Alternatively a flexible rubber ring which contains a depot of estrogen is inserted deep into the vaginal cavity. It stays in the vagina and is effective for about 3-4 months. One more way of topically delivering the hormone estrogen is via vaginal tablet. This tablet is generally dispersible and when inserted deep in vagina, it releases the estrogen locally.

Topical Estrogen Application

Vitamin E Supplementation

Vitamin E when delivered locally to the vagina helps in mucous release and increases lubrication. It is also known to reduce local infections. For a localised delivery Vitamin E is delivered in the form of a vaginal suppository which is inserted in the vagina.

Vitamin E Supplementation

Herbal remedies/ Alternative therapy

Along with the above treatments you can also try some natural remedies. These include massaging the vagina with coconut oil or olive oil before sexual intercourse. Fortifying your normal diet with nuts, fish (omega-3 fatty acids), lots of water, soy proteins, fruits and leafy vegetables act as an add-on to the other on-going treatment. These help by reducing the effects of vaginal dryness.

Eat fish

Along with the treatment and management therapies you also need to quit smoking (if at all you are) and check for any immune disorders if the dryness does not go even with medications. Also always consult your doctor before trying out any therapy, be it an OTC drug, it is also better if your doctor knows what you are up to.