6 Important Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups

Important Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups

Hindu push up refers to an exercise form that is commonly performed in Southeast Asian countries like India and Pakistan. This exercise form is actually a variant of the traditional pushups and body weight squats. Hindu push ups are also dubbed ‘Dive Bomber Push Ups’, ‘Hanuman Push Ups’ and ‘Judo Pushups’. The shoulders and the arms are mainly used to execute the various moves in this unique exercise style.

Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups

Hindu push up which falls into the core exercise category is normally performed by champion wrestlers in the subcontinent. This exercise is mainly done to improve ones cardio vascular conditioning and endurance levels. Hindu push up also helps to improve a person’s flexibility and stamina.

Works All Major Muscle Groups Of The Body

Major Muscle Groups Of The Body

This exercise form helps to work almost every major muscle group of the body. In fact, muscle groups from the shoulders to the toes benefit from this unique exercise form. Hindu pushups should not be categorized as just another ordinary exercise form. This exercise helps to strengthen the body muscles and helps a person to get a lithe and fit body. The hips, back, shoulders and core are strengthened by performing Hindu pushups.

Works As A Great Full Body Stretch

Unlike other exercise forms which only focus on certain muscle groups of the body, the Hindu push up makes for a great full body work out. Even those muscle groups which are normally ignored in other exercise forms are worked out in Hindu push ups. This exercise helps to lengthen the body muscles, which in turn improves the flexibility of the body.

Full Body Stretch

Helps To Massage The Spine And Internal Organs

The gentle flowing motion of this exercise form helps to strengthen the spine besides offering a gentle massage to the internal organs. Most of the bodily injuries are attributed to a weak spine. No exercise form can strengthen the spine, the way Hindu push ups can.

Massage The Spine And Internal Organs

Improves Endurance Levels

A person who performs Hindu push ups regularly can witness an improvement in his/her endurance levels. Enhanced endurance levels, can make a person go longer, harder and faster every single time in every activity he/she undertakes. Individuals cannot improve body endurance levels by taking miracle pills or so called ‘magic powders’. Body endurance levels can only be enhanced through exercise. The repetitive motions of Hindu push up offers a great way to improve endurance levels.

Improves Endurance Levels

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The flowing motion of the Hindu pushup requires people who perform this unique exercise form to lower their entire body and then raise their body again. This up and down movement helps to increase heart rate. When the heart beats faster, the blood is pumped through the arteries better. As endurance levels increase, a person is able to do more push ups which in turn can keep the heart rate at an elevated level. The intensity of this exercise form, forces a person to breathe deeply. Deep breathing is extremely beneficial for improving a persons overall health.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

No Cost Exercise Form

People do not have to invest any money in buying expensive exercise equipment to do the Hindu push ups. In fact, a person can do this exercise, just about any where sans any convoluted exercise equipment.

No Cost Exercise Form