6 Home Remedies To Treat Restless Leg Syndrome

Home Remedies To Treat Restless Leg Syndrome

The strange and creepy feeling that occurs in your legs which can make your legs tired and exhausted is known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). You might feel heaviness and burdensome in your legs plus the worn-out feeling even in a leisure and work-free day. It is a neurological issue which is well-known especially among American women according to various research studies. Some symptoms of this illness are ache and severe pain in the legs even during sleeping and resting. This can cause trouble like lack of proper sleep at nights. This disorder occurs mostly in women than men and it can happen at any age. Many people think that a simple painkiller can be the solution to this problem. However, this is a wrong notion. Painkillers are meant for temporary solutions only. It cannot provide relief for you in the long run. You can either opt for a physician or even better try some home remedies at home. Natural home therapies are always preferable as they are safe from chemicals and side effects.

Here are some things that you can try at home to alleviate and eliminate restless leg syndrome


Studies have shown that improper sleep and restless mind can cause RLS and can even aggravate the condition. Aromatherapy is one of the best solutions to induce a fulfilled sleep for the sufferer. For this therapy, it is recommendable to use lavender. There are 2 ways to follow this treatment. One is to burn lavender flavored candle. The perfume it creates can sooth our mind and nerves as well. Another way is to submerge a cotton ball into lavender essential oil and place them in your room. The fragrance can create a calming effect and you can sleep well throughout the night. This in turn can reduce the pain in your legs.

Dried Lavender Flowers

Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is very useful in treating this issue. The massage therapy can go on for 20-30 min. It can promote a better blood flow in your legs. At the same time, the massage can create a calming effect to the nerves and blood vessels. You can do this at home by yourself or with the help of others. This is also done in spa and massaging centers but you can take your own time by doing at home. Various oils can be used for this purpose like castor oil and coconut oil. Massage your legs in a gradual and soothing manner with hot oil. Then allow the legs to get soaked in the oil at least for 15 min before taking bath. It is better if you take bath in warm water as it can enhance the healing process. Follow this procedure at least once a day to obtain positive results.

  Give Them Frequent Massages

Increase Vegetable And Fruit Intake

Lack of nutrients is one of the reasons to possess this illness. One of the best remedies is to increase the consumption of vegetables. Have more green leafy vegetables and fruits having rich sources of vitamins and minerals. It can be helpful in lessening the pain and ache in your legs. Plus, vegetables and fruits are essential to maintain a good health.

  Keep Vegetables And Fruits Fresh

Vitamins And Minerals

Certain research shows that lack of some kinds of vitamins and minerals can be the cause of RLS. One of the studies shows that vitamin D deficiency can cause leg tiredness. Whereas another report shows that lack of iron, vitamins C and E can be the reason behind this. Consume more foods rich in these vitamins and nutrients. If you wish to try supplements, consult a doctor before deciding on which supplement to settle upon.

Vitamins C And E

Decrease Caffeine

Caffeine has the power to kindle and stimulate the nerves since it is well-known in making our minds awake and alert. Hence, caffeine should be avoided by people suffering from RLS. It can ignite the nerves in the legs and making them restless at the same time. Say no to caffeinated drinks to reduce the symptoms from getting worse.



Having a regular workout is essential for this disorder. Exercise can strengthen the weak muscles and nerves. For those who do exercises for a prolonged time, the fatigue and tiredness are said to have reduced significantly. You can go for many kinds of workouts like walking, jogging, aerobics or just some simple stretching exercises. This illness also attacks those who don’t do any kind of workouts and people who sit at one place for the whole day. If your work is related to sitting in front of lap tops throughout the day, do not forget to do mini stretching exercises in the intervals to avoid restless leg problems.