6 Helpful Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy Due Date

6 Helpful Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy Due Date

6 Helpful Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy Due Date Being pregnant can be one of the most exciting experiences of life. Nonetheless, it can be one of the most unpredictable ones as well. Sometimes, all your calculations can go skewed wanting you to implement new ones for which you might not be prepared. The excitement and volatility of pregnancy is one of the major attractions for all.

To ride through pregnancy smoothly, especially when the due date approaches (and patience can be the last thing on your mind), you should be equipped with some essential tools. These tools can be anything from inducing labor to arranging the baby nappies. The most important aspect is that you should be mentally prepared for things to go naturally and spontaneously.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy Due Date

Physical and Emotional Support is Important

Helping the pregnant woman during the last days of this stage is an obvious requirement. A pregnant woman may feel insufficient to perform the chores with the extra weight and changed bodily requirements. For a nuclear family where only help can come from the partner (or husband), taking leave from work for some days can become obligatory.

Pregnancy and child birth is no joke and even a small mistake can become concerning too soon. Alternatively, external help (may be from a relative or friend) can be arranged until child birth and the healing post delivery. If a woman has high risk pregnancy, she might need 24 hours monitoring and support from a helper.

A pregnant woman may have numerous apprehensions (especially during the first pregnancy) which can be taken care of with correct knowledge and emotional support. Mostly, the anxiety comes from approaching labor (or post natal care) and can cause disturbing incidences for a pregnant woman. She should not be left alone as much as possible.

Relaxing Techniques Can Help Cope with the Difficult Days

Pregnant woman can find relief by implementing relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques can sooth and comfort both body and mind. Foot and body massages can be helpful, although these should be better implemented after consulting a doctor. Some sleeping positions, like lying on the back, can be discomforting when a woman advances through her pregnancy. The doctor may recommend side positions, lying flat with raised foot, etc. to help her feel better and relaxed.

6 Helpful Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy Due Date

Warm (not hot) water bath can also be soothing during advanced pregnancy. Some women experience constipation during pregnancy, may be due to prenatal vitamins which can be recommended by the doctor. Increasing daily fiber intake can be helpful. Drinking sufficient water is also important. Mild exercising throughout pregnancy can keep the body fit and active. However, if the body does not permit physical activity, avoid straining it and consult the doctor for alternatives or suggestions.

Prenatal classes may also prove helpful, particularly when pregnancy due date comes closer. It can not only provide education but also practical insight for couples who experience child birth for the first time. A good prenatal care program can also equip couples with helpful ways of handling frequent discomforting situations during pregnancy.

Support During Labor, Child Birth and After are Crucial

Many pregnant women can fear labor; they can also be unsure of their parenting skills once the delivery is over. It is important to help pregnant women through labor; the husband can even accompany her wife if allowed by the hospital to do so. Educating about labor, delivery and child birth can raise a pregnant woman’s confidence and prepare her for the coming days.

As much as possible, pregnant women should remain calm and stress free. Some exercising techniques can be adopted during labor to ease child birth and healing thereafter. These can be implemented after due consultation with an expert (or doctor).

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Inducing Labor and At-Home Methods

Childbirth experts do not recommend adopting the home remedies for inducing labor, although few might approve of them. For starting labor, the reliable method is medications given at the hospital.

Acupuncture has been used in Asia (parts) to start labor ‘naturally’. A small study including 56 women (University of North Carolina) pointed that acupuncture made women more likely to go into labor without a medical “push.” In this study, 70% of women who got acupuncture underwent labor on their own. Acupuncture also reduced the scope for having a C-section. However, more research can explain the reliability of acupuncture.

Having sex to naturally induce labor is another strategy which can potentially help couples. Although there still needs to be proof for this, experts point out that sex releases prostaglandins through ejaculations inside vagina, which are hormone-like substances similar to the medications implemented for inducing labor. Sometimes, waiting for the right time to deliver can be the best recommended advice.

The Smart Pregnancy and Post-Delivery Kit

Even if there still remains time for pregnancy due date to come, it is a good idea to keep your smart kit ready with essential things for the baby and her mother’s requirement immediately after delivery.

6 Helpful Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy Due Date

The kit can include comfortable clothes for the mother and baby, toothbrush, soap, nappies, formula milk (in case there is need for it), soft towel or clothes for wiping and cleaning the baby, etc. Anything which seems usable can be kept separately so that nobody needs to panic, rush or disturb the mother at the last hour.

The Pregnancy Due Date and Its Dependability

Although there can be many techniques to know the magic date when a child is delivered, it is better not to rely too much on technology but the almighty. A pregnant woman will deliver when the time is right. Delivery date can better be taken as an approximation than precision.

For women who know the date of last period, the following calculation can work (Naegele’s Rule). Unborn child usually has a gestational period of about 280 days. Count back 3 months from the first day of your last period and then add 7 days. This is the approximate due date within the next year. Delivery can be had somewhere within two weeks before or after that day. Once the baby grows and matures, it shall be delivered. If someone asks for the delivery date, it is better to provide an approximation (like somewhere in September) to avoid being overwhelmed by queries about your delivery. Every pregnancy can be unique, and here lies its charm.

Waiting over the numerous weeks can become really troubling and overwhelming by the time due date comes closer. But patience pays in the form of a small wonder (which is about to arrive) and makes the waiting worth it!