6 Hair Products Which Can Damage Hair

hair damaging products

hair damaging products In their enthusiasm to look like their favorite model or movie star, most women tend to go overboard with hair styling products. In the process they end up damaging their hair.

While some women are naturally endowed with beautifully shiny and healthy hair, others have to work hard to make their hair look  healthy and shiny.

Styling products help to enhance the natural beauty of the hair. But excessive usage of styling products can leave hair dry, brittle and damaged. Damaged hair breaks easily and one of the leading causes of excessive hair fall is also attributed to the practice of using hair styling products and techniques excessively.

Hair Structure and the Hair Life Cycle

The human hair is basically made of protein molecules. These strong structural proteins which make up the human hair are called keratin. The human nails and the outer skin layers are also made up of keratin. When we examine a single strand of human hair under the microscope we can make out that it comprises of three layers. These are the medulla, the cortex and the cuticle.

The central part of a single strand of human hair is called the medulla. The medulla, or the inner most region of the human hair, is normally seen in thick strands of hair. The medulla is protected by the cortex. The cortex is also called the middle layer of the hair. This layer is responsible for giving color and texture to the hair.

The outermost region of the hair which covers the medulla and the cortex is called the cuticle. The cuticle protects the cortex. This outer most layer, the cuticle is colorless and thin.

The hair life cycle is divided into three phases or stages. This is the anagen or actively growing phase, the catagen or the transitional phase and finally the resting phase which called telogen phase. It has been noted that at given point nearly 85 percent of the hair is in the anagen or growth phase.

Hair Products and Hair Damage

Many styling products if used in the wrong manner can cause severe hair damage. It is important to have a basic idea of the various styling products which can cause hair damage if used excessively. Through this article we will examine the common hair styling methods from chemical relaxers to hair coloring agents and harsh shampoos which can leave the hair damaged.

Shampooing Daily

There is a general misconception that for hair to grow long and strong, it needs to be shampooed every day. This is indeed just a myth because excessively shampooing the hair can lead to hair damage which can ultimately cause severe hair fall.

The natural oils which are released from the scalp called the sebum are necessary to moisturize the hair. By shampooing the hair daily, we are stripping the hair of these natural oils. This can cause the hair to become extremely dry and brittle. Dry, damaged hair falls faster also gives rise to split ends.

Excessive Usage of Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling products if used constantly can destroy the natural beauty of the hair. People use heat styling products to experiment with different hair styles. Using these styling tools once in a way is alright. However is these heat styling tools like hot rollers, hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons are used on a daily basis it can cause the hair to become dry and damaged.

Excessive heat generated by these styling tools can cause the hair cuticle to crack. Once the heat permeates into the inner parts of the hair strand, it can dry up the moisture stored inside it. This causes the hair strands to become dry and brittle.

Using Hair Relaxers Frequently

Hair relaxers are chemical agents which are used to break up the chemical bonds which are present in naturally curly hair. People with excessively curly hair use hair relaxers to smoothen out their hair. However, using these chemical laden relaxers on a regular basis, can lead to extreme hair damage.

Hair relaxers are chemical agents and using too much of these hair styling product or using them frequently can leave the hair dry and damaged. The damage caused by using these relaxers is not limited to the hair alone but it extends even to the scalp which increases the chance of scalp infections as well.

Going Overboard with Bleaching Products

Using too much of hair bleaching products can also leave the hair damaged. Chemical bleaches are applied to lighten the hair color and remove any stains from it. While bleaching products can help to lighten the natural color of the air, it can also cause the hair to look, dull, lifeless and frizzy. People who go overboard with bleaching products often complain of excessive hair fall as well.

Coloring the Hair Repeatedly

If you are one of those trendy people who like to change your hair color almost as frequently as you change your clothes, you may be unaware of the extreme damage that you are causing your hair. While coloring the hair is indeed fashionable, changing the hair color regularly can cause extreme harm to the delicate structure of the hair strands.

There are two options when it comes to coloring the hair. One can either opt for semi permanent hair colors or you can dye your hair using permanent colors. Semi permanent colors normally run out after a couple of washes and are safer to use on the hair because they are not as strong as permanent hair dyes.

Permanent hair dyes are the ones which stay put. To remove the permanent hair dyes or colors, various chemical agents like hair color stripper have to be used. This can cause further damage to the hair.

Using Too Much Hair Spray

Hair sprays are used to keep the hair in place. Hair sprays as such do not cause hair loss. But certain mistakes like combing or brushing the hair after applying hair spray can damage the hair. The hair will break off in clumps and lead to the formation of bald patches. Hence make it a point not to brush the hair excessively after applying hair spray.

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