6 Fun Party Games For Pre-School Children


games Arranging for a toddler’s or pre-school child’s birthday party can be very challenging. With short attention spans and huge amounts of energy levels it is a task to get them involved in a party. Usually after the initial excitement about the shape and color of the cake, they really don’t know what else to do. Especially if the child is a fussy eater, he/she  is bound to make a mess.

To make birthday’s more fun and memorable  try  arranging some fun games for the children, before the actual party begins. However, let the games be about fun and not competition. We don’t want a sad child at a birthday party. Here are a few fun games that you could arrange for your child’s birthday.

Fun Games For Children

Hot and Cold

A fun game that is enjoyed across age-groups, this is a party winner. One child leaves the room, and then the parent hides a small object with the help of other children. The child who left the room is supposed to find it with the help of other children. As you cannot explicitly tell where the object is hidden, everybody shout’s hot when the child is close to the object and cold when far from the object.

Leader Change The Action

 Like the earlier game, one child leaves the room and one child from the rest of the group is nominated as the leader. When the child comes back in the room, all the children are expected to follow the leader’s actions inconspicuously. The child has to keep a keen eye and identify who the leader is?

games for children

Help Donkey Grow a Tail

Draw a donkey on a chart board and mount it on a firm stand. Children will be blindfolded and they need to draw a tail or stick a ready tail to the donkey. Though it needs some initial preparation, it is a fun game that is enjoyable across age groups.

If you are using a pen for drawing the tail, then ensure that you have multiple drawings of the donkey handy.  If there are a lot of children, then drawing it on a drawing board is best suited. You could also have a donkey cut-out stuck on the soft board and a ready tail that needs to be pinned at the right place.

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Get Dressed For the Party

 Birthday parties mean birthday caps, masks, balloons and whistles. If you have a small yard or some open space around your house, then this is an ideal game. Keep the birthday caps, masks, balloons etc.


at specific distances. Once you give the signal, all children will run to the place where these things are kept and get dressed for the party, wearing the caps, masks and carrying one balloon each.

Treasure Hunt

Hide all the return gifts in various places. Let the children go on a treasure hunt and find their return gifts. To make it more exciting, give hints and hide clues. Another variation could be a quiz. Buy 4 different types of return gifts. Give hints about the return gifts and every child who identifies the toy correctly get’s that toy as a gift.

The Good Hold Hide and Seek

 Hide and seek can never be out of fashion. Mark a certain area and all the children need to hide within that set parameter. This is a good game, especially if you are a single parent or managing all the preparations by yourself.