6 Foods That Can Cause You To Have Uninviting Body Odor

Uninviting Body Odor

That’s right! “You are what you eat” – and there is reason behind it. Don’t wonder if you find yourself smelling appalling even after using the best of hygiene programs (and that includes your expensive body spray).Make a note of these to find out their smelly effect upon your body going beyond the kitchen. Some may indirectly affect you while others can directly do so.

Here Are Foods That Can Cause Body Odor

Amino Acid As In Red Meat

Amino acids are crucial for the body as proteins are made out of them. However, the amino acids present in red meat result into a process where perspiration through skin causes us to smell awful. And this smell is not that less which can be easily ignored!Red meat takes time for complete digestion. Your body really works hard so getting a side effect as ‘bad’ odor is not too much. And it can go on for weeks without your realizing it!The vegans may feel proud for this reason!

Red Meat

Choline In Fish

Fish means goodness for both brain and body. A little side effect as bad odor should not be too demanding with all the benefits fish brings. However, if you are really worried about your body signature, which inevitably includes body odor, fish can take its toll.Choline, a B-complex vitamin, is abundant in fish particularly in salmon and tuna. So your love for these can cause the odorly side effect.Although uncommon, consumption of food having choline and carnitine can lead to “fishy odor syndrome”.

Eat fish

Processed Food (junk food)

Now you have another deter for consuming junk food. The increased glycemix index along with the refined sugar component of junk items can cause bad body odor. Add to it the deficiency of chlorophyll in processed food items which is widely used to give the food their color.Before galloping another junk food item, think and smell gain!

Junk food

Low Carbohydrate Food 

Yes, even the low-crab diets which are gaining popularity like anything among the fitness enthusiasts can turn up your odor quotient. The fundamental behind consuming low carbohydrate diet is to enable the body use fat and cause its reduction over time. As body gets less carbohydrate to burn, it starts using the fat but simultaneously makes you smell like a nail polish remover.Most people would be okay with this; but if you do not like this odor, consider talking to your diet or health expert.

Low Calorie Carbohydrate Foods

Sulphur Containing Vegetables

Your love for the crunchy vegetables as cabbage and broccoli can alter your body odor for hours. No doubt they are healthy when consumed properly and carry a lot of nutrients for our body. So if you are ready to compromise with a little body odor, consuming such vegetables should not be demanding.However, if you donor want to live with the body odor and still want to consume these, remember to keep a few hours in advance lest your close ones identify what you just had for breakfast or lunch. Consider parboiling these vegetables in water having a little sea salt to control the odor-producing chemicals.

Broccoli (3)


If you had consumed a few glasses of alcohol and slept the night, your wife would want to avoid you in the morning for a good reason. Bad breath due to alcohol consumption is common. Alcohol mixes with blood and causes perspiration where it comes out through pores. It may result in awful urine smell also.The choice of food can make much difference as eating right is always more important than not eating.

Alcohol Remedy