6 Facts That You Should Know About Headache

Facts That You Should Know About Headache

Most of us understand the pain of going through a headache. This pain is unbearable and irritating at times and many times, the pain tends to stay longer. It is very important to understand the simple facts about headache so that you can understand what’s happening to you and why it’s happening.

These Are Facts That You Should Know About Headache

Causes Of Headache

It is difficult for anybody to state the exact reason for headache. Different people may suffer from headache due to various reasons. Tight muscles or dilated muscles are one of the most common reasons due to which people suffer from headache. There are also possibilities that the headache is due to swollen blood vessels or some kind of tumor in the brains. If you are planning to treat your headache then the reason for the headache should be identified and treatment should be taken accordingly. Kids also suffer from headache and that may be due to genetics, stress or due to medications.

Rebound Headaches

Migraine And Headache

Most of the people aren’t able to understand the difference between migraine headache and headache that is triggered due to tension. The number of women who suffer from migraine is three times more than that of men but most of them aren’t aware of the fact that they are suffering from migraine headache and not the regular headache. Vomiting, Nausea and sensitivity of light are few of the symptoms that you are suffering from migraine. It is always better that you meet up with a doctor so that you can better understand the reason for which headache is triggered.

Migraine Headaches

Sinus And Headache

Sinus and headache actually doesn’t go together but most of the people think that they are suffering from sinus headache. There is nothing called as sinus headache and this needs to be understood well by people who are suffering from headache. Sinus can be a trigger factor for headaches. You may think that your sinus medication gives relief from headache but that is because of the painkiller used in the sinus medication.

Sinus Headaches

Eating And Headache

Yes, there are very high chances that the food which you consume can be one of the reasons due to which headache is triggered. Nitrates that are present in the hot dogs or Monosodium glutamate (MSG) which is used in Chinese foods can also be a reason for your headache. If you frequently get headaches then you should avoid fruits that content tyramine. Tyramine is available in fruits like bananas, avocados and citrus fruit. For each one of us, different food items would act as headache triggers so it is important that you maintain a journal on what you eat and when you get headaches.

Eating And Headache

Severe Headaches

If a headache is not allowing you to concentrate on your regular daily activities then you should visit a doctor rather than that of waiting. If you are getting headache after lifting something that is very heavy, if the headache pain is so severe that you cannot sleep at night or if you get headache all of a sudden and that too severe then it is better that you visit a doctor. There are possibilities that these may be symptoms of the problems that exist in your brain.


Botox And Headaches

Most of us think that Botox injections are given to people as a part of cosmetic surgery but that’s not true always. Botox is being used by many doctors to treat headaches and this treatment is being used for more than 10 years now. This is not a permanent treatment. The patient will have to take Botox injections, once in every three months. These injections block the nerve signals that lead to headache. The treatment is very severe as you will have to take 31 injections on your head and neck area. Most of the insurers will not pay for this treatment so this treatment is expensive too.

Botox And Headaches