6 Effective Remedies for Memory Loss

Effective Remedies for Memory Loss

Having memory loss is not a simple thing. It is a serious issue as the degeneration of memory can lead to many other illnesses like Alzheimer, Dementia and Schizophrenia. This is indeed a painful disease. Just imagine forgetting the special times spent with your family and friends. Most of the time, conditions like this occurs to old people but at times to any age group also. Apart from old age, head injuries due to accidents or lack of thiamine in our body can also result in memory loss. The good news is that certain food varieties and home remedies can cure memory loss. They can reverse and bring back the lost memories. But remember to check up with physicians and ask their recommendations before opting any of these home remedies.

 Here is a list of homemade remedies for memory loss issues


This natural herb is very famous in Italian cuisines. It is used as a special spice in adding flavor and taste to the food. One property of rosemary that many people didn’t know is its capability to cure illnesses including memory loss. The recommendable dosage of rosemary intake is 30-40 mg per day. Consume either dried or fresh ones. However, studies have shown that rosemary supplements work better in bringing back our memory than fresh ones. This herb helps to strengthen our memory power and steadies the function of brain cells as well.

  Rosemary Oil


Blueberries are well-known for its numerous health benefits. This berry is not only delicious but also useful in restoring our lost memories. Various researchers have proved that this juicy fruit can cure short term memory loss. You can consume it directly or make it into blueberry shakes and drink it. Include blueberries in your daily life to cure yourself from this disease. Furthermore, it has rich amounts of anti-oxidants which are good for our overall health.


Herbal Tea

You can prepare various kinds of herbal tea as it is a great remedy for memory loss. For this you can use any of these: rosemary, marjoram, sage and basil. Soak half a teaspoon of the herb in a cup of boiled water for 15-20 min. Then strain and drink the solution while it’s still warm. Plus, it can soothe a tensed and stressed out mind which can aggravate memory loss conditions. Another option is to use these oils in the form of essential oils for massage therapy. Simply mix the herbal essential oil with a little olive oil. Use the mixture to massage your forehead and neck in a relaxed manner. Do this on a regular basis for effective results. Some people prefer to add a few drops of this essential oil in water and take bath in it which is also beneficial in calming our mind.

  Herbal Tea Can Really Help


Carrots are mostly given to children in raw form by mothers to increase their memory power. This in fact is true. It contains a compound called carotene which is a natural memory booster. Hence, carrot is a great remedy for memory loss. You can consume them in any form. Grind them into juice, make them into casseroles or just eat them raw. It is better to include carrots in your daily diet to prevent memory loss issues in the future as carrots can delay this illness by reinforcing our memory cells in the brain. At the same time, it also acts as an agent in restoring the memory in affected people.



The high amount of lecithin in soybean makes it a wonderful food in treating memory loss problems. It can power up our brain cells and prevents the weakening of nerves and cells in our brain. Consume more soybean everyday as it can promote our psychological and mental well-being. It is also good for our overall health. Soy can be made into juice and drunk. You can also easily purchase soy juice at supermarkets. Buy products which are pure without any artificial additions.

Soya Beans

Foods Rich In Vitamins

Lack of certain vitamins can lead to memory loss issues. For e.g. lacking in vitamin B6 which is also known as pyridoxine can weaken our mental ability and memory power. Same problem occurs if you are deficient in vitamin E. You can opt for vitamin E or vitamin B6 tablets as suggested by your doctor. Supplements containing these vitamins can also be taken. Research has shown that vitamin E supplements are effective in bringing back the lost memories and curing short term memory losses in old people. Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E and can be taken habitually to treat this problem.

wheat germ

Try any of the remedies above to maintain, mend and restore your memories forever.