6 Easy Ways To Keep The Toes Healthy And Shining

Easy Ways To Keep The Toes Healthy And Shining

When it comes to grooming, most of us start from the face. It’s quite natural as face is the most visible part of the body and gathers attention easily. More than often, the worth of a brimming and beautiful foot is sidelined. We may want to try scores of remedies for a small pimple on the face but the foot would be the last thing to get attention.Do not wait for the foot to get hurt to give attention. Pamper it right from the start to enjoy healthy and brimming feet which can last for ages. Just like other body parts, feet also need utmost care and pampering.

Here Are Ways To Keep The Toes Healthy And Shining

Be Regular And Vigilant

The best time to attend to your feet is immediately after a bath. Even otherwise, you can fix any time of the day (may be at bed time) for checking and cleaning them. Toes should be trimmed at regular intervals. People with diabetes are prone to neuropathy, wherein the nerve gets damaged and there is lack of sensation. Regular checks can enable prompt medical aid restricting a potentially chronic illness.

trimmed toes

Use A Moisturizer

For the feet. Feet skin also needs appropriate moisturisation everyday. Just be careful that the area in between toes does not remain too moist.

Use A Moisturizer

Flaunt But With Care

You may want to flaunt your  trendy footwear every time you are out even though you look equally fascinating and gorgeous even if the heels are not six inches!Never compromise on the comfort and usefulness of your footwear. Shoes are your feet’s best friend as long they allow them to breath. Tight fitting shoes can actually act as hosts for bacteria. Here, be extra cautious with shoes which have pointed edges as they can compress the feet unnaturally. On the contrary, loose shoes can undermine the whole purpose of wearing them.Shoes can protect the feet from many potentially harmful agents, including injury. But let the shoes also breathe after a tiring day. Besides reducing odor, this can also keep a check on the development of illnesses as athlete’s foot.

Wear comfortable footwears

Give A Wash And Massage

Before going to bed, giving a plain water wash to the feet can be relaxing. Some even suggest massaging a little for improved blood circulation. Foot is farthest from the heart which is the source of blood and oxygen for our body. Considering the work load our feet have, it can be real injustice if they are left uncared and for granted. Even the toenails speak a lot about your health. Yellow toenails can indicate a severe underlying illness demanding immediate attention and remedial intervention.

Wash your feet

Mark The Posture

The way of walking tells many things about a person. When your teacher told you not to drag your feet while walking, there was something really important underlying!Dragging the feet may lead to nerve damage over time. Even sitting with legs crossed for long can cause discomfort and harm. Avoid sitting with legs down for a long time period. Keep changing postures to ensure enough blood supply is maintained in the feet throughout the day. Pregnant women should be particularly careful as the growing load of weight directly affects the feet.

Way of walking

Avoid Smoking

We hardly realize the ill-effects of something unless they are apparent and become potentially disturbing. Cold toes can be a nightmare for many people who constantly experience this discomfort. Give up smoking to be easy on your feet and body.

  Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Fortunately, our feet can remain happy and shine without costing too much both in terms of time and money. The next time you are pampering yourself, please don’t forget the feet!