5 Ways To Relieve Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy Sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica, is a nerve condition which can trigger pain in the legs and lower back. The largest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve provides motor and sensory functions to the lower extremities. During pregnancy, a lot of women complain of sciatic nerve pain. The sciatic nerve runs under the uterus and extends to the legs. The growing fetus exerts a lot of pressure on the sciatic nerve. This pressure exerted by the fetus on the sciatic nerve can cause moderate to severe pain and discomfort among expectant mothers.

A common pregnancy related complaint, sciatica or sciatic nerve pain can last for days, weeks or even months. Pregnant women who suffer from this condition experience severe pain in their lower back and hips. Sometimes the pain, which can best be described as an unpleasant burning sensation, radiates down to the legs. Pregnant women suffering from sciatic nerve pain can follow numerous simple measures to alleviate their discomfort. Listed below are some effective steps to relieve sciatic pain during pregnancy.

Ways To Relieve Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

Lie On Your Opposite Side

Women who complain of sciatic nerve pain on the lower left side of their bodies should lie on their right side as far as possible. This extremely simple measure can help to relieve some of the pressure exerted on the sciatic nerve by the growing fetus.

Lie On Your Opposite Side

When the amount of pressure that is exerted on the sciatic nerve decreases, the sciatic nerve pain will automatically disappear.

Apply Heat

The best and possibly safest way to reduce inflammation and ease sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy is to apply heat on the affected region. To ease the pain and discomfort, simply place a standard heating pad on the afflicted region. Alternately, you can even place a hot water bottle or apply a warm compress on the inflamed region. The soothing heat will help to bring down the inflammation and concurrently the excruciating pain as well.


To reduce sciatic nerve pain, pregnant women should get a trained prenatal masseuse to massage the affected region. A good massage helps to relieve the deep seated sciatic nerve pain to a certain degree.


For best results get your partner, friend or a masseuse to massage the affected region and follow it up by placing a hot water bottle on the inflamed area.

Stretching Exercises

Pregnant women having sciatic nerve pain should do some simple stretching exercises. Stretching exercises can help to relieve muscle knots in the hips and buttocks.

Stretching Exercises

A good stretching exercise improves blood flow to the lower extremities of the body as well. Pregnant women suffering from sciatic nerve pain should consult their doctor before performing any kind of stretching exercise.


This is a temporary, nonetheless effective option to relieve sciatic nerve pain. Pregnant women are advised by their doctors to swim a couple of laps in a heated pool to reduce the burning sensation in the lower back and legs caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. Buoyancy creates a feeling of weightlessness and eases some of the pressure on the hips, lower back and legs.