5 Ways To Help Your Toddlers Learn

Ways To Help Your Toddlers Learn

Ways To Help Your Toddlers Learn Every child is born in a wonderful new world full of exciting happenings every moment. For toddlers every day is a new day to see new things and observe their surroundings. Toddlers learn a lot and quickly basically between 1 to 3 years of age. It is very natural for toddlers to play; actually they are not just playing but learning.

Tips to Help Your Toddlers Learn

Play Time is the Learning Time for Toddlers

Toddlers love to play and have fun. Whatever games toddlers are playing, involving physical activity or mental skills, they are developing their motor skills and mental abilities.

When you let your toddlers play you are giving them an opportunity to develop their physical and mental abilities. For toddlers, playing is a way of exploring the world around them, be it, playing with the ball, filling water in cups, listening to music or talking a walk in the park. Playing also helps toddlers develop confidence, language and communication skills.

Toddlers Learn from their Parents

The first experiences of toddlers come from their parents. Toddlers learn very easily when they play with their parents. The simple reason is that parents are the caregivers whom toddlers have seen right from birth and they trust their parents. When you play with your toddlers they feel loved, happy, and safe. It is also the best way to connect with your child and understand his/her interests. Parents are the best teachers for toddlers as you can give them their first experiences such as singing a song to them, giving them a hug, appreciating them, and loving them.

Toddlers Learn by Playing in Groups

Toddlers enjoy playing in groups. You should introduce your toddlers to other children of similar age group and encourage them to play together. Toddlers like the company of other kids; however, initially they may just watch other kids playing or play with you alongside other kids.

Helping Your Toddlers Learn

Gradually, your toddler will become friendly with other kids and enjoy playing in groups. Toddlers learn faster in groups by watching other kids, also they learn to share and take turns while playing in groups. While playing in groups toddlers develop social skills and learn to care for others.

Toddlers Learn by Their Favorites

You should try and identify the tasks or toys that your toddlers like and take advantage of their interests to help them learn easily. Some toddlers like physical activity games like catch and throw ball, some may like sit and do games like stack the blocks.

Once you identify the interests of your toddlers you can help them to explore, use their imaginations, and develop motor skills. If your toddler likes to listening to music then you can sing songs or nursery rhymes to him/her, this will help in development of language skills and listening skills.

Toddlers Learn by Experience

Toddlers are innovative and try to do something new every day. They like to try new things and activities themselves, no matter how many times they fall. Actually, toddlers learn by their own experience, be it, trying to walk the first step, getting down from the bed, climbing the stairs or stacking the blocks.

They learn a lot from the experiences they gain from various events and happenings around them. They are not bothered about hard work or retrying the same task several times, they remain self motivated till they succeed.