5 Ways To Cut 500 Calories Every Day

Ways To Cut 500 Calories Every Day

It is a prevalent issue among men and women to lose weight in the current times due to reasons ranging from the health issues associated, to being fit and also to follow the fashion trends in a given period of time. The best way to lose weight is very simple and it is by cutting on the daily calorie intake. In case on really wants to lose some pounds, the easiest way is to cut down on about 500 calories per day and see the result in no time. The best part is that the ways indicated to reduce the calorie intake are extremely easy and feasible to practice in the fast paced lives.

The best ways to cut down 500 calories everyday are discussed below

Chew The food

It has been seen that people who chew their food well is seen to reduce the calorie intake to a great extent. By chewing for a longer duration, the body realizes that the hunger has subsided and thus will help in taking lesser calories in the longer run!

Chew The food


Indeed a very important meal of the day, breakfast should be completed with a high fiber food range which helps in cutting down about 500 calories in a given day. A fiber rich diet is great as it makes the stomach full easily and also is low on calorie count as well.

Do Not Skip Your Breakfast

Stay Away From Nuts

Too much of anything is bad they say, and it is true for nuts here. Nuts are absolutely great for the heart health but are high on calorie content too. Thus, to maintain both the ends, it is advisable to have pistachios instead which are about 159 calories (2 handfuls of them) and the shelling will slow down the munch time as well, whereas the other nuts have about 200 calories in the same quantity. It’s best to cut down on nut intake in case one wants to cut down on 500 calories in a day, if at all!

Eat Nuts As Snacks

Get Some Sleep

In cases where a person sleeps for less than 6 hours, they are seen to consume 300 calories more than the ones who sleep more. This is due to the fact that less sleep triggers the production of ghrelin in the body which is the hunger hormone.

Number of Hours to Sleep

Stand Up

The easiest of them all, the best way you save up 500 calories is by standing instead of sitting! Its best to practice this easy way by taking a walk while on a call or maybe standing while working at times. For the sake of 500 calories, this is just a small price to pay in any case!

stand up