5 Ways To Colour Your Lips Naturally Pink With Beetroot


All of us want to have pinkish lips naturally. They add to our beauty and make us look more charming. You must have cherished the rosy lips of your favorite Barbie doll or Tinkerbell fairy but that is not a far dream to come true now. You can easily attain pink color of lips by simply adding the Beetroot to your daily life. It is a natural, chemical free, expensive and easiest remedy .Beetroot can be used in many ways to get pinkish tone not only on lips but on the cheeks also. You start looking like your pretty favorite dolls in no time.

Here Are The Methods To Use Beetroot


You can simply add beetroot to your diet and start eating beetroot in your salad. Eat it twice a day to see the amazing results. It is the easiest method to get the desired result.


Beetroot Juice

You can switch to drinking the beetroot juice. Because it is quite uncomfortable to eat it as it contains a rough flavor. You can choose the alternative of consuming it in the form of juice. But you should be regular in this intake. It is very good to drink the beetroot juice In winters because it is warmth natured. You will notice the color of your lips turning pinkish in a month’s time. You would love the results.

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot And Coconut Oil

Besides consuming the beetroot orally in your diet, you can also apply some amazing packs made from it directly on your lips. One of such packs is beetroot and coconut oil. Take 2 tbsp of beetroot juice and add 4-5 drops of coconut oil to it. Apply it on your lips with the help of a cotton. Leave it on or wash after some time. Follow this remedy daily for best results.

coconut oil

Beetroot Paste

Beetroot is actually the best thing to conceal the dark tone of your lips naturally. Another way to apply it is by making a paste of it. Grate a beetroot and a make fine paste of it. Now add some cream (malai) to it. It provides the rich moisture to this pack and makes it more beneficial. Apply this paste on your lips and leave for ½ hour. Then wash your lips and apply petroleum jelly. Repeat this remedy a couple of days and see the transformed cherry red lips.


Beetroot Scrub

You can make a beetroot scrub for your lips with beetroot, lemon and honey. Take 2 tsp of beetroot paste, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey. Mix it well and gently massage on your lips. Then leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off. Repeat this process twice a day for beautiful pink lips.


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