5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

5 Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast Having a child is one of the most enriching experience for a couple which gives a new dimension to their lives.  The decision to start your family might be a difficult one but once you decide on it, waiting to get pregnant can be quite a demanding task.

However, the initial excitement of starting a family and welcoming a new member soon makes way for anxiety when couples find it increasingly difficult to conceive. Nevertheless, a detailed knowledge about the factors that increase your chances of getting pregnant might be the missing link that would ultimately help you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

Here is a list of five basic tips that might come quite handy if you intend to get pregnant as fast as possible.

Get a Preconception Check-up Done

Doctors recommend that before you actually start trying to have a baby, getting a thorough health check-up done is of paramount importance. In case if you or your partner has any kind of medical problems, sorting out the health issue beforehand is crucial to ensure that you can safely become pregnant.

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Have Sex at Least Three Times a Week

Having sexual intercourse on a regular basis would increase your chances of getting pregnant manifold. Although having sex only during the time of ovulation would result in pregnancy, sexual relations if maintained for at least three times during a week would make sure that you do not miss out of any chance to get pregnant.

Be Aware of Your Cycle

The time of ovulation is the perfect moment to get pregnant. Understanding your cycle and knowing when your chances of getting pregnant are high will help you to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant all the more. If you find it rather difficult to predict the time of your ovulation then using an ovulation prediction kit which are readily available, might be the perfect choice for you. These kits come quite handy in indicating the best time of getting pregnant by predicting the accurate period of ovulation.

Sexual Positions do not Necessarily Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

Although the common perception is that missionary position is the best when it comes to getting pregnant, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is actually true. Despite the fact that having sex while the man on top intend allows sperms to reach as close to woman’s cervix as possible, you can actually become pregnant in just about any sexual position.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

The lifestyle choices that you make also play a major role in determining your chances of getting pregnant. Studies have indicated that women who have a regular habit of smoking and drinking are more likely to experience pregnancy related issues in comparison to those who lead a much healthier lifestyle. Being physically active and indulging in moderate exercising to keep your body fit would also be instrumental in increasing your chances of getting pregnant fast.

Health experts reiterate that more than eight per cent of women can expect to get pregnant within a year of trying. However, if you feel that it is taking too long despite taking into account most of the tips then the best idea would indeed be to consult a doctor.

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