5 Simple Ways To Improve And Maintain Bone Health

Ways To Improve And Maintain Bone Health

Human body is a marvelous mechanism raised from a cell and made into a complex system comprising several integrated systems. Nonetheless, this system is not full proof from the natural and external wear and tear experienced through everyday encounters.The bones are the basis for providing structure to the body and their functions extend beyond being protectors of organs and attaches of muscles. It is a warehouse of calcium which has diverse roles to play. With such significance, bone should essentially be protected and its efficiency improved right from the first day. The earlier you start, the better you can be!

Here Are Ways To Improve And Maintain Bone Health

Understand Bone Significance

The bones keep on changing right from birth. A new born has 270 bones which decreases to 206 by the time he/she reaches adulthood as some bones fuse together. The bone mass reaches maximum density around age 30. At young age, the body can make new bones faster compared to their break down (old bones) thereby increasing the bone mass. After about 30 years of age, bone remodeling leads to more loss in bone mass compared to the amount gained. This can cause the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. Hence, it is very important that your peak bone mass is high so that your saving is considerable reducing the chances of osteoporosis in the future.

Understand Bone Significance

Bank Your Calcium

Now that you know the significance of bone health, work towards maintaining and improving it to the optimal. This is not too demanding with certain considerations and lifestyle changes. A simple component for bone health is including sufficient calcium in your diet. Women being more vulnerable to osteoporosis should be more careful. Men between 50-70 years of age are recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 1,000 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day. Women of similar age group need more and are recommended to have 1, 200 mg a day. Vegetables and dairy products are good sources of calcium. Almond, canned salmon with bones, sardines and soy products can also provide good amount of calcium.


Include Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one nutrient the body has to get externally. Vitamin D is needed to enable absorption of calcium. Potential sources of vitamin D are fortified milk, oily fish and yolk of egg. The body naturally produces vitamin D in sunlight’s presence; sometimes, taking supplements can become inevitable. Consult your health expert for best advice.

Fatty Fish

Bring Lifestyle Changes

Childhood days are the golden days of life for plenty of goodness. The primary bone-building years are up to mid-20s as the skeleton is growing. Fortunately, an 11-13 year old girl can carefully accumulate bone about the same amount as will be possibly lost during the 30 years after her menopause. Research highlights the advantages of sports in building strong bones and muscles. It has been found that gymnasts aged 10 enjoy much stronger bones than their inactive counterparts. Physical activity as walking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, etc. can help build strong bones and control bone loss.


Embrace Yourself

Avoiding certain things can be important when it comes to maintaining bone health. In all possibility, keep away from alcohol and smoking.If bone health is suspicious, get your bone density and rate of bone loss judged. This can pave way for adopting the right approach for improving bone health and preventing osteoporosis. Prevent from falling especially at older age.

Reduce the Alcohol Intake

Being aware of your body and heeding the warning signs can enable timely intervention for controlling  deleterious consequences.