5 Side Effects Of Cardamom

Side Effects Of Cardamom

Cardamom is an herbal agent and is a very common ingredient in our kitchens. The pain activity providing agents are present inside the seeds of cardamom; although he outer covering also has some oils present. Cardamom has plenty of uses and plenty of benefits. It is a flavouring agent, helps in reliving digestive problems, reduces cough and cold and the list goes on. However it has some side effects as well. One thing to remember is that usually side effects do not occur with less to moderate consumption. Excessive intake can lead to these side effects.

Let us have a look at the potential cardamom side-effects

Gallbladder Pain

Patients having gall stones should completely avoid intake of cardamom. What happens is cardamom seeds might settle and form bigger gallstones in patients already suffering from stone problem. This is because our digestive system fails to absorb cardamom and as a result it gets accumulated and forms bigger stones. In patient suffering from gallstones, when excessive cardamom is consumed there is experience of severe pain in stomach. Excessive intake can cause infection and bleeding along with the pain.

Gallbladder Pain

Drug-Food Interactions

Drug food interactions happen when a food ingredient interferes with the activity of a drug; by either increasing its activity or reducing it. Either ways the person taking the drug is affected. Cardamom in specific might interact with any of the following drugs; anti HIV drugs, anticoagulants, drugs given for anxiety & depression, blood-thinning agents like aspirin or anti-platelets, gallstone medicines, drugs given for irritable bowel syndrome etc.

Drug-Food Interactions

Allergy problems

It is observed that excessive intake of cardamom can result in allergic reactions and allergic diseases; the reason for which is still unclear. The very common types of allergy include dermatitis (skin inflammation), allergy of the respiratory system causing throat tightness, chest pain and overall the person feeling uncomfortable.

Sanitizers Develops Allergy In Young Children

Pregnancy And Lactation

However no sufficient data is available, still it is advised that excessive consumption of cardamom should be avoided during pregnancy and breast-feeding. This is because the exact chemical content and activity of cardamom is not known; and it might or might not affect the baby in some way.

Pregnancy Complications

Impotency In Men

Some reports say that excessive cardamom use might lead to impotency in men; however such effects in females are unknown. Thus excessive usage must be avoided.

Impotency In Men

Considering the benefit-to-ratio of cardamom intake, careful consumption of cardamom can provide excellent health benefits; however overuse should be avoided.