5 Refreshing And Healthy Drinks For The Summer

Healthy Drinks For The Summer

There’s nothing like a cool and welcoming drink when you get back home or head to a party. With the summers here, everyone is looking for something that is cooling and refreshing, but it is true that not all drinks are ideally healthy. But if you are looking for something that is not processed and has a healthy twist, check out these summer coolers.

Here Are 5 Refreshing And Healthy Drinks For The Summer:

1. Lemonade

Nothing beats the good old lemonade with lots of ice, but sugar is of course not really good for you, especially if you are diabetic. But honey is a good replacement for sugar and is healthy too. So add a spoon of honey to your lemons and water and mix it up well.


2. Iced Tea

Go health this season by having chilled iced tea. You can really keep the sugar levels low or again add honey, but if you want to add another healthy twist, think of iced green tea or even lavender tea. Both are low on calories and so refreshing. Just make tea the regular way and chill in the refrigerator, adds lots of ice.

Iced Tea

3. Virgin Mary

Want to avoid alcohol? Then this tomato based drink is a smart way to go. Simply used tomato juice with a dash of sea salt, pepper and tobacco (depending on how spicy you want it). Before serving crush some ice and add sea salt. Put an empty glass upside down on the mixture so that the a layer is formed around the mouth. Pour the drink now and enjoy!

Virgin Mary

4. Water Melon Delight With Rose

This is a classic that never goes out of style. You will need water melon juice without any artificial sweeteners. Add a bit of crushed rose petals or even rose syrup to this. Finish off with a dash of lime to add some soreness, serve cold.

Water Melon Delight With Rose

5. Coconut Water Lemonade

This is a simple twist to the classic coconut water. Basically chill the coconut water in the refrigerator and to this add a bit of lemon juice and ginger juice. You can add sparkling water to it or a bit of soda just for creating a balance. Serve the drink in the coconut itself and decorate with mint leaves and drink up!

Coconut Water Lemonade