5 Reasons To Go For Raised Bed Gardening

Reasons To Go For Raised Bed Gardening

In today’s environment-conscious world, people want to contribute towards the building a healthy environment in different ways. One such is done through raised bed gardening. This form of gardening respects seasons, grows healthy plants and also helps in recycling. Doing organic gardening using raised garden beds is a step ahead towards a healthier environment and subsequently healthier mankind. A raised garden bed speaks for itself. With raised garden beds, you are ought to come across a number of advantages which would automatically drive you to vouch for it.

Here Are Five Benefits Of Raised Bed Gardening

Warmer Soil

With raised garden beds, soil tends to warm up earlier as the level is higher than the surrounding cold and hard ground. Again, at the end of the growing season when the soil of the surrounding area becomes cold, that of raised garden beds remains warmer for long.

Warm soil

Better Nutrient Value

While you are into organic gardening, you have to keep in mind the invasive crops, such as potato. Although these are easy to cultivate and hardly require any special care, they tend to capture a vast area of your garden as you move from one year to the next. With raised garden beds, this possibility can be arrested. Nutrient requirement and soil amendment keep varying from one plant to another. With a number of raised garden beds, you can manage production of a variety of crops much more effectively.

Better Nutrient Value

Fertile Soil

With raised garden beds, since the soil is deep, loose and fertile, the quality of crops that are produce is supreme. Because of aeration and soil drainage and also easy penetration, plants get benefited. Soil amendments and improvements through ways such as mulching help in production of greater quality and quantity.

Fertile soil

Cost Effective

When you do gardening using raised garden beds, you would save considerable time and money. This happens because you need not concentrate on the paths. Instead, you are digging, fertilizing and watering the garden beds. Even when the crops grow close to one another, you need to weed because even weeds won’t compete. In case you are one such gardener who has restricted mobility, you would truly benefit from raised garden beds. You could simply sit while gardening. Raised garden beds with a height of 28 to 30 feet and a width up to 4 feet would be ideal for reaping maximum all-round benefit.

Cost effective

Water Conservation

Raised garden beds help in water conservation as well. The concept of biodynamic gardening creeps in here. It can be called intensive gardening based on steroids. A basic prerequisite of biodynamic gardening would be working on loose soil, not more than two feet deep. As a result, the roots of the plants can permeate deeper than normal and look for nutrients, moisture and minerals which can never be found if the depth is shallow. This water conservation can be facilitated by raised garden beds. Interestingly enough, in case the bed lacks 2feet depth, the ground on which it is based can be nurtured for excess depth as required.

Water consevation