5 Reason Why You Should Avoid Transfat

Reason Why You Should Avoid Transfat

When it comes to Nutrition or health benefits of certain foods the debate is never ending. People keep coming up with pros and cons continuously. On topic on which every person would agree without a debate are the harmful effects of Trans fats. What exactly are Trans Fats? These are unsaturated fat or fatty acids and are known to be the cause for various health issues.

Here are 5 reasons why Trans Fats should not be included in the diet


Trans Fats lead to Type II Diabetes which is due to Insulin deficiency. Trans Fats consumption leads to low production of Insulin in the body there by increasing the risk of Diabetes. More fat content in the diet also leads to high sugar levels of the blood doubling the chances of Diabetes.


Increase In Cholesterol Levels

Consumption of Trans Fats increases the Cholesterol levels in the body. The LDL which is the bad Cholesterol increases drastically and at the same time reduces the HDL which is the good cholesterol in the body.


Heart Diseases

Trans Fats consumption also leads to heart diseases. Studies shows that for every 2 percent of trans fats consumed, the risk of getting a heart attack doubled. For the same reaction from the heart one would have to consume 15 percent of saturated fat. So, decide for yourself which is good and which is bad.

Heart Disease


Trans Fats are said to increase inflammation which in turn leads to heart diseases, arthritis and many other diseases. This is more so in people who are obese or overweight. TNF Alpha and IL 6 which are present in trans fats are said to trigger inflammation.

Reduce inflammation


When trans fats are consumed, they are said to damage the blood vessel’s inner lining which is called the endothelium. This lining causes a condition called endothelium dysfunction which in turns causes cancer. But, there are very few studies which were conducted in this regard.


The bottom line is that Trans Fats causes a lot of harm to the human body. It is better to read the labels before buying packed food and if possible avoid trans fats completely. Live healthy live happy is the mantra!