5 Oral Hygiene Mistakes We Should Avoid

Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Oral problems are becoming very common. Now a days people in their thirties also get caught by this problem. Carelessness, unhealthy eating habits and improper hygiene could lead you to a dentist. In this article we will share with you five of the most common oral care mistakes that people usually make.

These Are Oral Hygiene Mistakes

Selecting The Right Toothbrush

Many people fail to use proper toothbrush which over a prolonged use harms your teeth and weakens your gums. Use the right size, right type of bristles and comfortable brush which suits your mouth as well as hand.

Using A Toothbrush

Eating Excess Of Sweet And Sticky Items

If you have the habit of consuming lots of chocolates, cold drinks, sweets and other sweet products then it is not a healthy habit. Sugar is a very dangerous food item as it performs acidic reaction with the acids secreted by your body, weakens and infects your teeth. Sweet items can lead to formation of bacteria in the teeth and cause you tooth decay.

Eat Something Sweet

Not Cleaning Your Teeth After Waking And Going To Bed

Cleaning your teeth after waking up and before going to bed is very important. It helps in removing tiny food particles which gets stuck in between the corners of your teeth. When you wake up you need to brush your teeth well as to remove the presence of bacteria in your mouth.

Not Cleaning Your Teeth After Waking And Going To Bed

Drinking Liquor, Tobacco And Caffeinated Drinks

Liquor and caffeinated drinks can be bad for the health of your teeth. If you have the habit of drinking in large quantities daily then it may destroy the enamel of your teeth and forms yellow patches and plaque on your teeth. It loosens your gums and deteriorates your teeth so much that you have to take out of them with dental surgery.


Misses Regular Dental Checkup

Though you keep best oral hygiene then too it is advisable to make a visit to a good dentist in every six months. This ensures that your teeth and gums are in best condition and gives you peace of mind.

Misses Regular Dental Checkup

Oral care is considered to be an important aspect of human health and little ignorance can lead to severe issues. So it is better to take good care of your teeth as you take care of your other body organs.