5 Major Side Effect Of Drinking Beer

Major Side Effect Of Drinking Beer

There is a lot of misconception when it comes to drinking of beer. Some are of the opinion that drinking of beer helps in many forms but it needs to be remembered that there are many side effects of beer and in one way it is an indirect way of alcohol consumption. Only the direct consumption of alcohol is not negative for the health but even the indirect consumption also tends to deteriorate the health. Healthy life consists in intake of good nutritious food and should leave no room for any addiction. Even having moderate beer will land you in trouble as you tend to get addicted. Healthy life consists in having nutritious food and to be aloof from all intoxication. Hence, it should be completely avoided.

The Five Major Side Effect Of Drinking Beer Are:

1. Calories

To be fair and square it is well proven that the bottle of beer contains no nutrition and hence is simply a waste. On the other hand it contains calories which pose a problem. When it comes to regular beer it contains 140 to 200 calories whereas a light beer contains 100 calories.  If you are trying to lose weight then beer is altogether a big no because of the fact that it enables body to burn less stored fat. Moreover, the liver builds a substance called acetate from alcohol which is present in beer. The body burns the acetate instead of burning the excess fat from hips or belly.


2. Low Blood Sugar

The intake of beer helps in gaining weight but this done in a very negative manner. It interferes with the blood sugar level. The body stores sugar in the liver as glycogen and when blood sugar drops between meals then the liver transforms glycogen into glucose which is released into the blood. In this way alcohol enters into blood and leads to drop in the blood sugar level. In this process the liver does not perform any function but the brain is under the illusion that you are hungry and in this way you intake whatever you get at the first look like French fries, burger, etc when in real you do not require the food.

Low Blood Sugar

3. Hydration

A cold beer when you are hot is really a good option but use precaution if you are working in a hot weather. Antidiuretic hormone enables the body to retain fluid. Alcohol present in the beer mixes with the hormone release which is an apt reason for the continuous bathroom visit. If you drink beer when you are hot you tend to lose fluid by sweating, as well as urine. Hydration problem can aggravate the situation and can therefore leads to certain other problem. Therefore, it is better to avoid to beer when you are hot.


4. Gluten

Maximum beers contain barley in barley in malted form and some other ingredients. Barley has a protein called gluten. There are many people who are prone to gluten. At the very end of this sensitivity is a disease called celiac disease, a disorder where gluten hastens the immune system of the body by attacking the small intestine. This is why many brewers are preparing beer which is aloof from barley as the awareness has opened the eyes of innumerable people. Try to avoid beer which is prepared from barley as it a serious disadvantage to health.


5. Belly fat

Believe it or not but beer has the capacity to increase the belly fat. This not only shows a bad lifestyle but also degrades your health. Beer has a tendency to increase fat and if one is too much addicted than it will lead to increase in the level of fat. Belly fat is too difficult to be shed and leads to innumerable problem in the long run.

Belly fat